Down with history 2

The statue of General Robert Edward Lee is taken down in New Orleans:

Was General Lee worth commemorating?

Well yes, actually:


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  • Doctor J

    It’s bad enough that the left is throwing away the proverbial baby with the bathwater. What’s worse is that many of them know it, and don’t care.

  • liz

    Haven’t heard about any of this being voted on. Looks like the usual cowardly cave-in to leftist tantrum throwing. Who is arbitrarily assuming the moral authority to do this? They’re already targeting Washington And Jefferson.
    And of course if anyone makes a peep about preserving these monuments for their historic value, they are immediately labeled “far right extremists”, and targeted for violence by ‘Antifa’, who miraculously escape any mention when blame is being handed out by the media.
    Of course the media will also never mention who is funding Antifa (Soros), and where they got their logo – straight from Germany’s Communist party.