The self-extinction of the western Europeans 13

Pat Condell, soothsayer.

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  • Complain about Islamification, get called a N@zi (even within UKIP):

    • Tis is terrible. Such plain stupidity! Hopeless, hopeless.

      • What’s encouraging here though is the fact that in this UKIP leadership contest there are not one but two candidates who are openly critical of Islam. I think this *might” just possibly be a turning point if one of them is successful. The issue seems to be splitting UKIP into two very divided camps.

      • Anti Islam candidate AMW is now clear favourite to win the UKIP election according to betting sites (apparently these are more reliable than opinion polls according to the Daily Telegraph). Only slight doubt about her is that she is a little bit left-leaning (former Labour candidate), although she has described herself as right-wing since moving to UKIP. This could be big news it would really shake the public discourse up no end if she won and I truly believe she would get a lot of support among the voters.

  • The Glozi corporation Youtube removed this short video but it reappeared (watch it while you can):

    • I sympathize with what Farage is getting at, of course. Still, I cannot but see that Christianity itself prepared the European mind for submission to Islam when finally the day came. Christianity: “Put the interests of others before your own.” Its secular successor, Socialism: “Put the interests of the group before your own – and on top of that, in pity for the underdog, let the state be the provider for all, even the provider for all strangers who come to live here.”

  • liz

    “Being governed by open borders politicians is like traveling with a suicidal bus driver on a mountain road.” Great analogy! That’s what the last eight years of Obama was like. We elected Trump to restore sanity to government, but who knows if he’ll survive being locked in that insane asylum.

  • Cogito

    Condell is superb as always, but

    he’s a Cassandra

    • True. His warning will not be heeded. The ruling global socialist Islam-loving elite (“Glozis” we call them now) will not hear him, or if they hear him they will not believe him, or if they believe him they still will do nothing whatever about it.