Patriots march in Warsaw – and are slandered by the globalists 3

The leaders of Europe are calling these hundreds of thousands of marchers in Warsaw “Neo-Nazis and white supremacists”.

In fact they are celebrating Polish freedom from Nazism and Communism and protesting against the EU plot to let Islam into Poland with its supremacist, totalitarian, homophobic. misogynist, anti-Semitic, savagely cruel, murderous ideology. The leaders of Europe continue to invite Muslims in – by the hundreds of thousands.   

Here is a video in which a commentator calmly and reasonably corrects the slander. It has been banned throughout western Europe and in Britain. It may not continue to be on YouTube much longer:


(Hat-tip to our British associate, Chauncey Tinker)

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  • Athrin

    Poland NEEDS re-open and modernize Auschwitz and send all their leftists there.

    • liz

      I still prefer the option of Jurrassic Park island!

  • liz

    The Left has reached the point of being at the complete polar opposite of reality. They accuse those who want to preserve freedom and democracy of being Nazis and racists, while inviting in, with open arms, the real Nazis and racists!
    It’s obvious they are using these invading hordes to destroy their own societies, which should come as no surprise – the destruction of society has always been the goal of the Left.