Less tax, more liberty 4

Taxation is theft.

The government has a monopoly of force, and uses it to extort money from the people.

We complain about it, but we are not anarchists. We know there must be a government, and that it needs money to do its job.

If it only did what only government can do, protect our liberty and property essential to our liberty from domestic crime and foreign invasion, and nothing more, we would not grudge parting with some of our money to pay for that necessary service.

But even the best governments use the people’s money for superfluous ends. They give it to foreign countries! They squander it on art and sport and … The list of unnecessary, and even  positively wicked, recipients of government largesse is very long.

Plainly, the less government does, the better. The less tax it extorts from the people, the better.

So it is very good that a tax-reducing bill has been passed in both the House and the Senate.

President Trump – who promised tax cuts – will sign it, and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will be law. (Here are its details and professional analysis of it.)

It is also an achievement of the Republican Party – not easily won, but finally won.

No Democrat voted for it. Theirs is the party of high taxation for big government, low growth, high unemployment, more dependence on government, less self-determination.

But we doubt if there is one of them (except the extremely rich among them because they aren’t getting a reduction, such as House minority leader Nancy Pelosi) who is not secretly glad he’ll be paying less tax.

They are also, as we often repeat, the Hypocrite Party.

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  • This tax reform bill doesn’t go nearly far enough. But it’s a good start.

  • Cogito

    I came across this comment by an unknown blogger after hearing of the Trump tax cut. It’s worth sharing…

    “Seventy years old and taking 15 months of endless hate and countless death threats, to take a chance at 8 years more!

    Eight years of every day, from every side, being under unremitting, vicious and downright depraved attack.

    name, his family, his company, his legacy, his health, his pride, his
    history; his life-both his social and literal life, all of it, gathered
    up into one giant heap and pushed fearlessly into the middle of the

    Not for fame or wealth or comfort, which he already had in
    abundance, but because he loves this rotten shell of failing dreams we
    still call America.

    Because he, unlike so many Americans today,
    still loves the country that gave his family everything. Loves it enough
    to pledge his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor to fight for her
    in her terrible peril.

    Be as alpha as you like. Be as silver
    tongued and fearless as you like. Any of us, anyone else among us, would
    have long since buckled.

    But he hasn’t buckled. Far from it. He
    is continuing to tenaciously fight a pathologically intransigent
    Democrat Party, a Liberal-infested Republican Party and a rabidly
    hostile corporate media, all out to destroy him for their own

    Hell, after decades of failure, neglect, tomfoolery
    and greed, we deserve to get exactly what they say he is. Every filthy
    lie, every depraved fantasy of the snivelling cowards we call fellow
    citizens would have been our due.

    But by the grace of God, this dying remnant of our gangrenous nation flipped one last card –

    And it came up a Trump.

    MAGA Christmas to him, his family and all true patriots.”

    • liz

      Well said! Even if all their lies were true, he’d still be a better man than any of them (the sniveling cowards). Eat crow, NeverTrumpers!

  • liz

    The Hypocrite Party; the lying, cheating, leftist Party of Treason.
    Trump is on his way to becoming our greatest President as he continues to defeat their agenda. MAGA!