Britain eases the needy need of nuclear-armed Islamic Pakistan 10

In our post Paying to be hated and betrayed (January 1, 2018), in which we deplored the giving of foreign aid by the United States, we also reported that President Trump was stopping aid to the terrorism-sponsoring state Pakistan.

He tweeted:

The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!

Meanwhile, Britain under the weak and incoherent leadership of Prime Minister Theresa May, is increasing its aid to Pakistan.

The Daily Mail reports:

Britain is to increase foreign aid to Pakistan by more than £100 million even though it has a space programme and nuclear weapons.

The Asian country is now the biggest recipient of UK handouts despite preparing to splash out billions on arms including a new fleet of submarines.

It comes after the Mail yesterday revealed how £300 million of British taxpayers’ money is being handed out to Pakistanis on pre-loaded cash cards as part of a scheme dogged by claims of corruption.

The allegations have led to renewed calls for the UK to ditch its foreign aid targets when there is a crisis in social care at home.

Figures from Britain’s overseas aid department, the Department for International Development, show total spending on Pakistan will soar by more than 30 per cent this year.

Some £441 million will be handed to projects in 2016-17, up £105 million from £336 million in 2015-16.

Yet Islamabad has unveiled a massive military spending plan, pumping £654 million into the defence budget this year – an 11 per cent boost to £6.7 billion. 

The figures do not include money spent on its atomic weapons programme. The country is one of a small number of nuclear powers, and has between 110 and 130 warheads.

Pakistan spends around 3.6 per cent of its national income on defence, compared to Britain, which only just fulfils its Nato commitment of at least two per cent.

Last year Pakistan announced it would buy eight new submarines at a cost of around £4 billion, with the country expected to lavish more than £10 billion on new weapons by 2024.

Its space programme has successfully launched a satellite and has an annual budget of around £19.5 million.

Backbenchers have been calling on Theresa May to ditch the Government’s commitment to spend 0.7 per cent of national income on overseas aid when there is a crisis in care for the elderly in Britain. …

The Prime Minister’s spokesman last night said the system helped focus aid on ‘those who need it, when they need it’. The aide said the policy was ‘an investment in our security’ and claimed there were ‘robust’ policies in place to protect against fraud and corruption.

There are no such policies in place. In no way is this vast handout toPakistan an investment in British security.

[Another] spokesman added: ‘Our investment in Pakistan is making the world a safer place by tackling poverty, improving governance and disrupting serious crime, which left unchallenged breeds violent extremism and drives mass migration.’

It is a myth, a lie, an apparently ineradicable illusion that “poverty breeds violent extremism”. There is not a trace of evidence that it does or ever has.

It needs to be noted that most of the gangs that “groom” underage girls for prostitution in Britain are Pakistani Muslims.

It also needs to be recalled that Pakistan has persistently aided the Taliban, has sheltered Osama bi Laden, and imprisoned the doctor who finally revealed bin Laden’s hiding place.

Pakistan does no good to the West. On the contrary, it does as much harm as it can. There is no justification for giving vast sums of British tax money to Pakistan. None.

Who in the days of Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, or for that matter at any time in the past, would have believed that a British government could be so stupid?

And the party in power calls itself the Conservative Party!


(Hat-tip for the Daily Mail report to our British associate, Chauncey Tinker, editor of the online magazine of political commentary, The Participator.)

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  • Don L

    I’ll tie it together:

    Kelo v New London, CT was a SCOTUS case that destroyed the unalienable right to “Pursuit of Happiness” (1776-speak for what you rightfully acquire in your life IS yours). Long-to-short, if you don’t know ‘economics’ then the career-politicians can get away with any absurd and impossible policy they can conjure. And, if there are no property rights, wealth can never be created or attained.

    Now, as to ‘economics’, I do not include any school of thought that endorses or advocates government involvement in the economy. These are not schools of economic thought. They are schools of government economic management whereas they seek to soothsay and control (economics seeks to study and define) to wit they believe they can predict the future by mathematically modelling / manipulating irrelevant pin-points of static historic data: Shear stupidity and ignorance! Can you predict the future? Neither can they – by any method! Nevertheless, it is ubiquitous and it is, notwithstanding assertions to the contrary, socialism – Period.

    [To the unknowing, socialism exists in two forms: fascism and communism – two sides of the same coin – today the US of A is a fascistic coerced nation, the united States of America was founded as a voluntary union of independent nations inclusive of a free-market economic system. ]Liberal Fascism: “The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Change” by Jonah Goldberg”]

    Continuing, the only school of real economic thought is the Austrian School – It is the only school that, predicated on over 600 years of analysis, research and irrefutable and proven deductive logic, demonstrates, explains, describes and PROVES (in THE ONLY comprehensive, complete and un-contradictory theoretical presentation) the rules, principles and laws of economics: free-market capitalism. Which, it turns out, both mirrors the American Republic’s Founder’s principles of individual sovereignty and unalienable rights, and as THE ONLY system of economics that maximizes individual liberty and sustains natural resources – PROSPERITY.

    When the pretend econ managers get it wrong (and they always do) by only a few decimal points, millions of people suffer…too often tragically. And, they do not blame their theories or decisions. No, they blame free-market capitalism – the people – for being human: “Animal Spirits”; a concept revealing the great planners can’t explain how their theory works. Or, in fact, their theories don’t include people; their planning is singularly gov’t- and politically-directed … their plans always include force/coercion/violence for implementation.

    Now, if you were born after 1913, in any western society (hmmm, properly, anywhere there is a central bank in existence) then you are the product of a compulsory schooling system (not education) that has intentionally misinformed, hidden, denied, lied and in all manner and fashion indoctrinated, conditioned and manipulated populations to ignore, be intellectually threatened by, to find boring and even be repulsed by anything to do with the idea or even the mere word(s) economy /economics. You are never meant to know because then you would see through the deceptions and lies foisted by the “leaders”.

    When does one begin to ask how have you been made to not care about your best interests – no exercise of unalienable rights are possible without economic freedom!

    Less than 5% of Americans (including our “leaders”) actually understand the realities of the political-economy: Fractional Reserve Centralized Banking [Centrally-Planned ‘Debtism’]. The point: If you don’t know what a thing is you can be made to believe it is something else. And, one never thinks about things one doesn’t think about.

    If all you’ve ever been exposed to is that government experts must control the economy (hey stupid, it’s over your head) then you will never understand the SIMPLE TRUTHS about wealth, poverty, hunger, unemployment, income inequality and all the other economic issues the career-politicians chronically tell us they must fix. You won’t comprehend the simple truth that government and their fraudulent fractional reserve banking systems are the cause (not free-market capitalism) as to the misery in the world. (I’m more than happy to provide a bibliography of FREE interesting and “eye-opening” material).

    When any western career-leader talks about aid and poverty reduction for some group they are either dangerously delusional and/or incompetent or criminally deceitful. And, if you don’t know the SIMPLE TRUTHS about economics (again, vs government economic control egregiously masquerading as economics – which it is not) then you will tend to accept the absurd impossibility of the asserted solutions – and the false cause and effect descriptions.

    So, what does all this have to do with the topic? Well, look at what they say:

    “…the system helped focus aid on ‘those who need it, when they need it’. The aide said the policy was ‘an investment in our security’ and claimed there were ‘robust’ policies in place to protect against fraud and corruption….”

    Where is the explanation of why they need it? What are the policies and how do they work (are they consistent with real economics or more with pretend theoretical programs)? If people knew, weren’t deceived by corrupted schooling (kindergarten-to-Phd) in econ, history, journalism and other fields of study distorted to hide real econ, this comment would only generate laughter and the whole government would be ousted – would never have gotten into office.

    “…Our investment in Pakistan is making the world a safer place by tackling poverty, improving governance and disrupting serious crime, which left unchallenged breeds violent extremism and drives mass migration.”

    It goes witout saying, but I will: What crap! All of the above enumerated are caused by government programs! It is impossible for government to invest whereas it is never government’s money. I won’t re-invent the wheel here, suffice to say it is entrepreneurs and/or capitalists dollars that constitutes investment. [Investment involves savings – deferred purchase money – analysis and risk-taking and incorporates the means to determine success or failure: P&L. Government has none of these facilities. It isn’t the gov’t’s money and there is no way to determine whether the expenditure is working as intended. All government expenditure is consumption – NOT investment. The left and would be rulers always distort names/words” gay. marriage, investment, public servant, home made (means canned)…

    In the western world, religious and leftist collectivism are steeped in irrational emotion-driven (I term) ‘government according to SHOULD’. We SHOULD help the poor, refugees, whomever. Never realizing it is the interventions in the economy that create the poor, the refugees and an unsafe world. It is the absurdity that government believes it can legislate pretend reality, or ‘values’, into existence – sans violence.

    Nothing being discussed in this article ought exist and it wouldn’t if real economics was actually taught in schools. The scenarios of poverty, immigration and war would be rarities. Why isn’t real SIMPLE TRUTH econ taught? Because the Austrian School proves it is government that causes all the economic tragedies. Or, as Upton Sinclair put it: “It is hard to get a man to understand a thing when his job depends on his not understanding it.”. It is self-serving career-politicians who believe they are smart enough to manage the economy – and, their economic plans do not include human beings in their calculations. They include more money for my next campaign and maintaining and entrenching power!

    We have been brought to believe that the more misery in the world the more our leaders, it is deemed, are needed. That’s why economics is not taught and government as necessary to implement SHOULD is the deceptive and false lesson plan. The consequences of foisting an economic system based on fraudulent banking practices and corrupted government functions is, in America, unfathomable generational debt, immutable career politicians, class warfare, unnatural income inequality, institutionalized unemployment, boom and bust economies (Trump may delay but that FED money will sooner or later hyperdrive prices [haven’t figured out the effect of the repatriated $$s – act as new capital investment? – not recently printed anyway].

    Paris is fed. The French revolutionary government couldn’t understand that people can solve their own problems. Once one discovers real SIMPLE TRUTH econ principles (Austrian economics), as opposed to the intenionally created offputting mainstream ‘dismal’ econ, one will never ever again be lulled, gulled and dulled by the lunatic leaders – only in office because populations do not know the standards against which to judge them. One ought discover the Capitalism the politicians do not want you to know: It is free-market capitalism and ONLY the Austrian School advances it. (This is free: “Why Austrian Economics Matters” by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. –

    As to the European Union – it is on its last legs as each nation’s population is beginning to feel the pain of the central banks’ failed EU – a monetary system dying under its created unnatural income inequalities – The Germans are going to get tired of paying for the Greeks, Irish, Spanish, et al. Add the infestation of ‘always going to be alien to western culture’ muslims and the Brits got it right – May wouldn’t be there if folks understood the SIMPLE TRUTHS of Real Economics.

    Bottom line, this topic exists because universal knowledge about real econ does not. Happy New Year.

    • liz

      Exactly right! Totally explains the whole mess. The lunatics (funded by the criminals) are running the asylum.

      • Don L

        Thanks Liz. Sorry it went so long. LOL … so much bottled up for so long! Heh. Good to read you again!

  • What aid does breed is babies, and in the case of a Muslim majority country, these will be “radicalized” babies. In other words the truth is that it is the aid that is breeding violent extremism.

    • A very important point!

    • Don L

      AND, having babies are an integral, promoted and effective weapon of choice as to covert (yet right in your face) hostile occupation – muslim and hispanic (come to US southwest). Merely out breed your enemy: infest with a few of your inculcated and encourage procreation – voila, in relatively short order your radicalized troops outnumber the locals (who are then supported and protected by the unthinking left — e.g. EU and California).

  • Another reason for the UK to stop this insanity (not that any more are needed) is the fact that our debt to GDP ratio (at somewhere around 88.3%) is bigger than Pakistan’s (at 67.4 per cent).

    • liz

      You just might conclude that Britain’s goal here is to hand the country over to Pakistan! They could hardly do a better job of it if they tried.

  • Cogito

    This is entirely correct, and may I add one more observation? In the recent infamous UN vote, Britain voted against its strongest ally the USA and

    the only civilized country in the Middle East, Israel.
    That the shameless, feckless, pusillanimous May should wish to further finance Pakistan’s terrorism should come as no surprise.

  • liz

    Yes, funny they’re called the “Conservative” party when they seem to be as far left as our Democrats with Obama and Hillary in charge.
    I hope Trump is serious about cutting off aid, not just prepping for a “deal”.
    If Pakistan has enough money for all that military spending, send the scum they foisted on us back and let them support their own worthless parasites.