The proof of a god’s existence from a personal need to believe 16

It is an abiding puzzle to us how highly intelligent, educated, sane adults can believe in a god and an “afterlife”. Dennis Prager is one who does. He writes brilliantly on political subjects, but when it comes to religion, an amazing obtuseness emerges from him.

Here is a video he made, insisting that there must be a “good God” and an”afterlife”, for if there isn’t, the very thought would drive him insane:

His reasoned argument amounts to this: ”There has to be an afterlife because I want there to be an afterlife, because only if there is an afterlife can all that is wrong in this life be made good, all injustices remedied, all unhappiness turned to happiness. There can only be an afterlife if there’s a good god, so a good god must exist.” It’s a circular and really very silly argument: “A good god must exist because there absolutely has to be a put-it-all-right afterlife. Because there absolutely must be a put-it-all-right-afterlife, a good God must exist, therefore God exists.”

It is also incomprehensible to us how physical and mental suffering, injustice, loss, once endured can ever be “put right”. Time reversed, the  event recalled and the action undone? Or just lots of sweet compensation?

Both Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote that part of the happiness of the redeemed in Christian heaven would be to contemplate the extreme sufferings of the unredeemed in hell.

Oh, yes! Real peace of mind.

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  • Jeanne

    I had a philosophy professor who wrote this “amazing” paper on the proof of why god exists after his son died in childhood. It was heartbreaking to see this intelligent man “prove” that god must exist because if it didn’t then his son’s life and his was meaningless. “God must exist because I need it to.” I remember thinking that much of his article was the way I thought when I was fourteen, but I understood that desperate people under major duress will cling to anything that saves them from themselves.

    • Zerothruster

      Interesting post. I’m just curious about why you put the word amazing in quotes (?) Maybe that’s neither here nor there, in which case, never mind.
      What is amazing, as you point out, is that an educated man could make that argument on those kinds of subjective, emotional grounds. This is especially surprising for a philosophy professor (Then again, maybe not !)
      The situation is similar to that faced by John Rutter (b. 1945), the English composer best known for his Anglican religious choral music, who witnessed his son run down and killed by an automobile. And yet, Rutter confesses to being not particularly religious, despite his professional engagement with religious texts.
      If you’re interested, the two collections of his I know and love very well are not at all religious, but secular, settings to English Renaissance poetry: Fancies, and When Icicles Hang, both from early in his composing career, the early 1970s. They are some of my favorite musical pieces.

      • Jeanne

        HI Zerothruster. I placed the quotes because the paper was considered with high regard by the powers that be in the university system. Thank you for the recommendations.

        • Zerothruster

          Wow, that is “amazing”.
          Was it a religious university of some kind? … except you say “university system” so it sounds like it might be a public XYZ State U.

  • Zerothruster

    Talk about driving:
    Prager’s religious silliness is the kind of thing that drives basically good and admirable young people into the waiting arms of the political left, to be indoctrinated into that destructive adversary culture. It’s not a hard sales job for the left when the Pragers of this world poison the well, the home culture, with this kind of ridiculous and abhorrent drivel.

    • Don L

      It has been my long held theory that those on the left did not reject god’s dogma; merely the provider of the collective addiction. They claim atheist but fail the test of rationality. It isn’t merely the rjection of the absurdity of mystical people in the air, it is the complete rejection of living for something or someone else … especially if forced.

      Speaking of which: several California school districts are about to implement an anti best friends program: diversity and inclusivity. I’m not making it up. If you can’t trust a friend … trust the state. Unh Unh Unh, Obama Obama Obama – wasn’t that the songs they were made to sing?

      • Zerothruster

        I guess not.
        Best friends seems to be discriminatory (best, as opposed to just moderately good), and we can’t have that, can we?
        Especially if the best friends are both white, and, God forbid, both white guys.
        But hey, but doesn’t that limit homosexual mating preferences?
        At some point, the lunacy of the radical left has to be vigorously opposed. The longer this is postponed, the more vigorous the opposition will have to be in order to be effective.

        • Don L

          LOL. They have a tendency to eat their own. My hope is that the crazier it gets … a few more, geo or better expo expansion, each day quibble and are then crushed by ‘the ends at all means’ group.

          Nobody ever gets them to explain exactly how their economic system works. As long as it should be done it will be done: “It’s who we are; you can’t question that … after all!” Nothing is ever paid for.

      • liz

        California – where Leftist social engineering rules, on steroids.

        • Don L

          Hey Liz. I owe you an apology for departing as i did. I was foolish and then lacked the cajones to face … yada yada … sorry I left without a word.

          Thanks for being cool on my return! You were all missed.

          • liz

            No need for apologies. Glad you’re back!

  • liz

    He insists on a “good god” and an afterlife, in order to make all the suffering and injustice right, so he won’t go insane. Maybe a bit solipsistic?
    I guess he forbids himself to ponder the question of why a “good” god would allow suffering and injustice in the first place, because that alone should be enough to drive any believer (who seriously contemplates it) insane.
    Silly and circular is right!

    • Don L

      “solipsistic” LOL … I had to look this one up. If I have it right, unless it is one’s mind, it doesn’t exist. Wow, aren’t these folks in psycho wards; were DEMS and the “social conservatives” ought be.

      Thanks fer intro to new knowledge.

      • liz

        Yes, kind of in reverse for him – if it IS in ones mind, it DOES exist!
        He could make the same case for leprechauns and little green men!

  • Don L

    Maddening I tell you, maddening. Those on the supposed ‘atheist’ left demonstrate the same psychosis. What they have in common is the collectivist “we” and a utopia must be someplace (made here or in heaven?); both require sacrifice to an all caring great one.

    • The Burro

      I reckon I have total proof a God exists as his mate, the Devil, is alive and well and living in Fresno under an assumed name – the IRS