The world’s (failing) hospital 6

An island state off the west coast of Europe has become the world’s hospital. It used to be Great Britain. Now it’s an asylum for the sick and the savage.

The Express reports:

[An] unnamed patient, from outside the EU, underwent £532,498 worth of treatment from a Manchester hospital last year.

But hospital chiefs have refused to disclose what treatment the person had at the University of Central Manchester NHS Trust or which country they are from, their age or gender due to “patient confidentiality”.

Health tourism is part of a wider scandal that sees tens of thousands of people arrive here for treatment from countries already receiving millions of pounds in UK foreign aid.

It costs the NHS [National Health Service] up to £2 billion a year.

Again the Express reports, in another article:

AN ESTIMATED £100 million has been spent on NHS translators in just five years as calls grow for the foreign aid bill to be redirected. Translation is provided for free at the point of delivery and – according to the NHS – must be of a “high quality, accessible and responsive to a patient’s linguistic and cultural identity”.

Among the most popular languages are Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati, Lithuanian, Nepalese, Panjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish and Urdu.

Not all of them languages of the British Commonwealth. What does Britain owe Lithuania and Poland, Portugal and Turkey, even by the most masochistic measure of post-colonial shame?

Rules stipulate that patients must not be asked to pay for interpreting services and that they are entitled to “verbal and written language interpretation services” for 128 spoken languages.

Hundreds of face-to-face interpreters are drafted into hospitals, medical centers, and doctors’ surgeries each year.

And telephone interpretation service is provided for non-urgent standard consultations or appointments. It is especially ridiculous when we are also currently giving away £12 billion a year on foreign aid … 

There’s single payer health care for you! The “single payer” being THE BRITISH TAX-PAYER. Health care for everyone in the world who can get to his island hospital!

The Telegraph reports:

The heads of more than 60 Accident & Emergency [NHS] units have written to the Prime Minister warning that patients are “dying prematurely” amid “intolerable” safety risks.

It came as official figures show Accident and Emergency performance at major units is the worst on record, with fears the situation will worsen amid rising cases of norovirus and flu.

The letter from the most senior doctors at A&E units across the country said the health service is “chronically underfunded” and ill-prepared for winter.

They said more than 50 patients at a time had been left waiting for beds in casualty units, with 120 patients a day being managed in corridors, “some dying prematurely”.

The letter,  reported by the Health Service Journal, told the prime minister that shortages of beds and staff meant patients were being put at higher risk of death. …

The senior doctors said their hospitals were dealing with:

  • Over 120 patients a day managed in corridors, some dying prematurely
  • An average of 10-12 hours from decision to admit a patient until they are transferred to a bed
  • Over 50 patients at a time waiting beds in the Emergency Department
  • Patients sleeping in clinics as makeshift wards

It comes as hospital chiefs said the NHS was at a  “watershed moment” and needs tens of billions in extra cash to deliver the required levels of care. …

In addition, 50,000 surgeries have been cancelled by the NHS.

When Britain hosted the Olympics in 2012, its patriotic display on the first day featured the National Health Service as its greatest treasure and chief boast. Among all its claims to greatness, it never once mentioned THE BRITISH EMPIRE – the greatest empire in all history. Britain took modernity, freedom, education, essential institutions, impartial justice, railways, roads, economic opportunity, prosperity, emancipation of slaves, productive settlers, the glorious English language, and the values of the Enlightenment to a multitude of countries, many of them primitive and dirt poor. Shitholes, to be frank. But now the British establishment is ASHAMED of all that. And even guilty! Making up for all that harm Britain did to all those peoples by offering free medical treatment to the world.

And even that is not penance enough for doing all that good. Deeper abasement is deemed necessary. Britain is slowly turning itself into a primitive country. Only a few decades from now, it will be an Islamic shithole.

Britons who dare to say they are less than delighted at the prospect, are subject to prosecution and imprisonment.


(The links come from The Participator, where there are more worth following to see the sad plight of Britain today.)

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  • I don’t like saying I told you so (actually that’s not true, I do), but:

    “EXCLUSIVE: ‘He’s a Walter Mitty who’s killed the party’ – Henry Bolton’s key aide quits Ukip as she blasts leader for affair with blonde glamour model”

    Read more:

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    • liz

      Looks to me like the whole thing was a set up, with Marny as the “femme fatale”. If nothing else, Bolton’s an idiot for taking the bait.

  • Even a lot of people on the right (including someone who has contributed at the Participator) have argued that we need foreign doctors and nurses or the NHS will collapse. The NHS is used as a propaganda weapon in this way to promote mass immigration. Unfortunately it’s a very effective propaganda weapon at that, not least because nobody who has a different opinion ever dares (or is allowed) to voice their doubts in the public discourse. You know, you might need treatment one day and you never know, something might happen – is the not too subtle message sometimes.

    I am going to look at the numbers on this when I get a chance because I have a sneaking suspicion that for every doctor we’re getting at least as many patients as he can manage to treat plus before very long at all multiples of offspring. I doubt anybody has looked very closely at the maths.

    The presence of Muslim doctors in the NHS has also been used as a weapon in the war against freedom of speech. Pastor James McConnell, who underwent 1.5 years of court proceedings and was eventually pronounced “not guilty” of a “grossly offensive” communication for a sermon in which he merely described Islam as an evil religion. Lobbying from Muslim doctors in Northern Ireland helped to ensure that the matter was treated very, very seriously:

    “Police question Pastor James McConnell over Islam remarks”


    His remarks caused anger and hurt.

    Belfast hospital consultant Dr Samina Dornan said Muslim staff had been very hurt by it and that he should apologise publicly.

    The subtle message here was that we must not criticize Islam because we are relying on Muslim doctors in the NHS.

    • While I was still living in London, Muslim nurses were reported to be refusing to wash their hands because that would wet their long sleeves. They also refused to roll their sleeves up. Finally, the BHS gave them cuffs that could be put over the sleeves, taken off and laundered. I dreaded having a Muslim nurse for that reason. I had a very bad experience of a different sort with the NHS, and other patients I knew personally had even worse. I also knew doctors who had started off in their careers being fans of the NHS, but finally left it in exasperation and disgust, worn out by the deluge of paperwork and frustrated by the interference of administrators who knew nothing about the practice of medicine but were all little dictators.

    • liz

      Nothing like allowing the inmates to run the asylum! “You mustn’t hurt nurse Ratchet’s feelings now, it might set her off, and then who knows what could happen? So just shut up and be a good little dhimmi.”

  • liz

    Ironic. Having bought the lie that its ‘sin’ of colonialism requires it to display “the most masochistic measure of post colonialist shame”, the West atones for its ‘sins’ by allowing ITSELF to be colonized by barbarians who will destroy us either directly, through terrorism, or indirectly, through parasitism.
    Thus, from their ivory towers, those perpetrating the lie are turning the whole world into their own borderless, global colony of (sh#thole dwelling) serfs.