Reason thy name is man 4

Excellent commentary by Paul Weston on Professor Jordan Peterson’s argument with the brain-washed feminist Cathy Newman of Britain’s Channel 4 TV (see two posts down, A feminist stumped, January 21, 2018) which the Professor triumphantly won.

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  • liz

    Great commentary!
    When Stalin gained control of the means of production, he starved the people.
    The European Marxists, having gained control of the means of communication, are starving people of truth, and force feeding them propaganda.

    • Well said!

    • Don L

      Had Hillary won …

      “The last of the Trumpists are being rounded up now … we go live to the front lines …”.

      “Disgusting how the Trumpist Collusionists gave civilian clothing to all those russian troops, shot and killed by ‘The Village Management Forces’ Care Squads. As you can see Bob, thousands of russian troops lie dead. Disguised as civilians, killed as they attacked our own studios and transmission center Bob”.

      • liz

        Yes, it probably would have come to that. Considering they were so close to total power they could taste it, and how violently they’ve reacted to their ignominious defeat, that’s a highly likely scenario!