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Biologically speaking, the only perceptible purpose we have is to reproduce. A biologist once said: “An egg gives rise to a chicken in order to ensure that there will be another egg.” The same applies to a human (fertilized) egg. Or with equal validity it could be said that a fetus gives rise to a fertile adult in order to ensure that there will be another fetus.

To nature, a man or a woman is not more valuable than a fetus. To the man or woman – in whom the only consciousness of consciousness exists in all the universe as far as anybody knows – there may be not only an instinct but a thought that the continuation of the human species is profoundly desirable. Or perhaps the idea is more often understood and articulated in the negative: the human species cannot be allowed to die. Which is why weapons of mass destruction are much more feared than guns or conventional bombs.

And that’s the reason – and a reason it is, however much urged on by emotion, be it lust or love – why women (excluding transgendered “women” of course), are a natural and truly “sustainable” resource, necessary to the greatest of all causes, the survival of the species; the species which carries the consciousness of the universe; the species that names and orders the parts of the universe; the species without which the universe is nothing but a vast variety of dumb forms of energy.

And yet … The fact is, no matter what we do, all will come to an end. To only a few generations, born in our Age of Science, has it been known that Everything will come to an end. True, it will come about billions of years from now. But an end there will be. Time will have a stop. The universe will be gone. And then – if not long before – the human species will be gone.

How conscious is the informed section of humanity in our time that this is the case? Could it be that the knowledge of ultimate doom, however far off, the certainty of extinction makes the men and women of the informed section discard the reason and resist the instinct for reproduction? Is that why, in plain terms, most Europeans, in Europe and outside it, have given up having children? How consciously are they abandoning all care for the future of the species, choosing instead to live as pleasurably as they can as individuals? What is sure because it is observeable, is that most of them do not care if their own culture survives them. For their comfort – their security, their pensions, their health care – they need people. But why give birth to them and raise them – a costly and trying enterprise – when you can simply import them? Any people will do, as long as there are a lot of them to keep the welfare state going …  You know the rest. And hence the death of Europe – billions of years before the end of the universe.

In self-contradiction, half of those who are ideologically for the welfare state, those who constitute the political Left, want the human species to be thinned down. Some – fanatics who worship the planet – want the entire species gone, and to start dying out now. They see it as a filthy thing, whose total elimination would make the planet healthy and happy.

A variety of reasons there are then for not having children; for aborting them in the womb if the pleasure involved in the act of reproduction has the tragic result of conception.

As a leading man of the Left put it not long ago, who wants to be “punished with a baby”?

You are pregnant? How horrid for you! My condolences! Abort, abort, abort!


Jillian Becker    January 24, 2018

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  • Jeanne

    I know you are familiar with “Childhoods End” and the depressing effect knowledge of the “end” had upon those fictional humans. Maybe it is a “why bother” notion that brings out selfish behavior in people…but it isn’t over yet. If we do not accept deities nor any afterlife, may we at least sustain the comfort of living as if humanity is going to continue for a “long, long… long, long, long, long…long time” as once quoted in a movie? May we at least help keep our nest reasonably clean for that reason? May we at least help those who want to better their lives to do so?

    Why not live as if it does matter? Why not act as if we can make the long time better? Why not be good? Why not be kind to each other and mindful of beauty and work against that which would destroy? Why not go as far as we can as a species? What do we have to lose by behaving thus?

    I cannot begin to understand the mind of a human being that hates his or her own species. It is as bizarre as those who hate their own nation. What the heck! Remove yourself from that condition if all is so terribly negative.

    And,,,thank you, Jillian, for this most worthy article.

    • I didn’t know about “Childhoods End”, but have now looked it up and read about it. I see why you mention it.

      Thank you, Jeanne, for your life-valuing comment.

      And for your kind words of appreciation.

    • liz

      Right – why NOT be good, and strive for and enjoy what IS good –
      it happens to be in our self-interest anyway, because what is “good” is everything that promotes life. If life is all we have, the fact that it will someday end is all the more reason to enjoy it, promote it, and protect it.

  • liz

    Yes, I think part of it must be that people have been conditioned by leftist propaganda to see the human race (especially the industrialized, civilized part of it) as guilty of destroying the planet. Nothing could be further from the truth!
    Not only do primitive (Third World) countries pollute and destroy the environment worse than advanced ones, they also reproduce faster!
    Of course, they have a higher infant mortality rate, too, and higher mortality rate in general from rampant diseases, due to their lack of the life enhancing tehnologies found in industrialized, civilized countries.
    But rather than advancing civilization, which benefits the planet, we are supposed to retreat from progress and allow the entire world to sink to the lowest common denominator of primitive squalor.
    Once they’ve destroyed the “patriarchy”, the cry of the brainless pussy hat wearing feminists, “keep abortion safe and legal”, will be meaningless.
    At that point, even if abortion is legal, it certainly won’t be safe anymore, along with pretty much every other aspect of life.