Deconstructing whiteness 7

This is not a satirical sketch by us or The Onion. It is a true report (we trust) found at Breitbart, written by Thomas D. Williams:

A student group formed to address “white privilege” at Ohio’s Kenyon College bars white members from asking questions of a person of color as part of a process to combat racism.

“Racism is a white people problem,” said the group’s student founder, Juniper Cruz—a self-described “Queer Afro-Latinx Muslim”—at the first meeting, which drew about 50 students.

The Whiteness Group, run through the school’s multicultural center, “works to educate students on whiteness, what it means to be white, and ways to deconstruct whiteness to work towards anti-racist actions”, Cruz said …

“The discussions explore what it means to be a white person while benefiting from societal privilege, as well as what it means to be a white ally to marginalized groups,” according to campus news reports from the Gambier, Ohio, college.

The group’s second meeting was attended by Rachel Kessler, an Episcopalian priest and chaplain of Kenyon College, who afterward wrote in an email to the school newspaper, “As white people, we can become paralyzed by our sense of shame for our racial privilege or by our fear of accidentally saying something problematic. Neither of those impulses are actually productive for combating racism and white supremacy.”

Founded as a Christian seminary for the formation of Episcopal clergy, Kenyon College opened its doors to women in 1969 and now takes great pride in its diversity, as well as its commitment to “green initiatives”. 

“At Kenyon, we see diversity as central to who we are and what we do — an ideal of inclusiveness that we strive to put into practice every day,” the school’s website states. “We believe that it’s vital to foster diversity in all facets of campus culture, from the people who work and study here, to the experiences they have, to the environment in which they live — the spirit of the place.”

The Whiteness Group exemplifies the school’s quest for a certain sort of diversity typical of modern liberal arts colleges in America, where all opinions and viewpoints are welcome as long as they do not challenge the liberal Zeitgeist.

The group encourages a certain amount of debate but also has regulations.

“Some ground rules at the Snowden Multicultural Center’s Whiteness Group: If you have an unpopular opinion, speak up. No white person can ask a person of color questions; white people must try to answer their questions for themselves. And no spreading rumors about what people say during the meetings,” the Kenyon Collegian reported.

Cruz said the chief aim of the group is to create “a sustainable form of activism”.

Leftist activism forever!

Now, students, write an appreciation of the Whiteness Group and its aims, using these words, phrases, names, slogans, prefixes, each of them at least once: “Racist”, “racism”, “diversity”, “inclusiveness”, “who we are”, “white privilege”, “patriarchy”, “dead white men”, “green”, “sustainable”, “renewables”, “multicultural”, “activism”, “resistance”, “global warming”, “open borders”, “pro-choice”, “abortion”, “sexist”, “sexism”, “LGBQT”, “gender”, “xie”, “ze”, “zir”, “Islamophobia”, “hijab”, “religion of peace”, “xenophobia”, “xenophobic”, “bigot”, “bigotry”, “KKK”, “Nazi”, “neo-Nazi”, “Hitler”, “fascist”, “Trump”, “Russia”, “collusion”, “womyn”, “gender”, “social construct”, “social justice”, “cis-“, “trans-“, “fair share”, “rape”, “vagina”, “pussy”, “nasty woman”, “Linda Sarsour”, “Michelle Obama”, “Nancy Pelosi”, “Hillary”, “black lives matter”, “hands up don’t shoot”, “pigs”, “flag”, “anthem”, “black”, “brown”, “whiteness”, “deconstruct”, “hegemony”, “empower”, “narrative”, “conversation”, “liberation”, “post-modern”, “post-humanist”, “sanctuary cities”, “safe place”, “hate crime”, “Dreamers”, “DACA”, “refugees”, “Palestine”, “intersectionality”. Plagiarism will not be penalized. 

  • Don L

    Why is there a “gotcha” arrow called “Perjury Trap” in law enforcement’s quiver?

    FBI: You are not under oath. Seven years ago you sent an email to your friend. You haven’t seen it since then, At the end of the 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence, did you end the sentence with a period?

    Anybody: I believe I would do so, Yes.

    FBI: Well, perhaps a typo, you used a comma. It doesn’t matter, you lied to us … you are under arrest.

  • Jeanne

    Why should this even have the power to astonish me anymore? Useful idiots and mindless drones. All they need are Uni-Forms.

    • Don L

      Was that iambic pentameter? Cudda sworn I detected an iambic …

  • liz

    The Left is such a parody of itself at this point that it would be hard to outdo it in an actual parody. And hard to believe anyone takes any of it seriously!
    Their aim – “to create a sustainable form of activism” is basically meaningless, but it doesn’t matter – she used the words “sustainable” and “activism”, so it must be profound!!
    Yes, it is, profoundly depressing.

    • Don L


      Too much time on their hands – Remember, the grandparents and the parents of the little erasure residue, that they are, are paying for the academic and “sustainable activism” lifestyle without complaint. It isn’t just the irrational school admin … add parental dullness too.

      • Jeanne

        Well…we all like to think that parenting has something to do with what children get themselves into, but sometimes they just get lost or at least temporarily misplaced, even if they come from parents who cared and tried their best. My kids are okay, though. LOL

      • liz

        That’s what’s so depressing about it – it’s permeated the school system, through teachers, curriculum, and administration.
        Talk about “systemic” – another one of the Left’s new favorite words – as in “systemic racism” – we now have systemic brainwashing.