The Muslim plan 7

… to make America Muslim:

Published February 14, 2018

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  • Don L

    And again, the good guys never seem to understand taking over education and all the little bureaucratic fiefdoms and committees – KEEPING THEM FREE – is critical to survival. Nope … all the bad guy factions figured it out centuries ago.

    the FED, a lie = legalized fraud; government debasement of the currency

    Lincoln, a lie = quashing States’ Rights by war; power to the central government; crushed voluntary Union and created the STATE; Slavery a convenient political cover; NO NEW NATION on these shores!

    SCOTUS, a lie = No implied power, No judicial review, Make Regular distorted into regulate, General Welfare to/for the Voluntary UNION AS A WHOLE (GENERAL) distorted to caring for every citizen, Irredeemable judgement that Constitution would ever allow government to force citizens to buy anything … or pay a penalty, Impeachment a failed concept (duty, honor, oath & reputation not a consideration any longer), etc

    That there are no genders, islam is a religion of peace, best friend is a wrong idea and more lies are merely slipped in the stream of conditioning.

    Lulled, Gulled & Dulled. How many more graduating classes before the Univ system is shut down? Harvard, Princeton … all the Ivy league “TOP” schools are the bastions of left ideology and have always been … just flagrant because Hillary (or likeness) was supposed to win.

    • Jeanne

      Parents and grandparents must be vigilant in counter-balancing the crapola that is poured into children’s heads. Atheists already know how to do this and so do devout theists. Encourage attendance at community colleges and technological trade schools located nearby over universities, so students don’t have to board on campus.

      Whose job is it to help children, even adult children, to hold onto what is true if it is not a job of their parents? Don’t let go completely. Don’t lose contact. Don’t ignore what happens in their lives.

      It was the same when public schools stopped teaching grammar and used creative spelling and decided that cursive handwriting was useless and let young children learn typing by hunting and pecking. If you want your kids to learn these skills, you have to teach them yourself.

      If we want kids to not think Communism and Sharia are great ideas, then parents have to make sure they don’t. Isn’t that what the idea of parenting is all about; setting the young on a good path to help keep them safe and sane?

      • Don L

        Had Hillary won, within a year or two, but if another Dem admin ever gets in, what you just suggested will be considered treasonous hate speech. Think Pepsodent: You’ll wonder where your parents went when they talk about the government.

      • liz

        Yes, its very sad that so many millenials think Socialism is a great idea. Thanks to our socialist education system, they are ignorant of our founding principles, but well brainwashed in Marxist ones.

  • liz

    So now that we’re FINALLY becoming independent of oil from Arabs, we’ve lost any excuse – why are we still putting up with these people?
    Doesn’t the Left already have enough “victim” groups?
    Why should we continue to cater to our enemies, whose stated goal is to “make America Muslim”?

    • Don L

      If we can get rid of all these “living Doc” judges in the federal appeals system then Trump can get his extreme vetting (if you won’t or can’t assimilate you don’t get in), the Wall and other policies and strategies implemented/executed.

      • liz

        Yes, and I noticed Jeff Sessions saying something about not allowing these leftist “judges” to rule the country any more.
        I don’t know what they intend to do about it, though.
        As far as I’m concerned, they should be stripped of their law licences and kicked off their benches, because they’re frauds, and what they’ve been doing is undeniably unconstitutional.