Gods and the Three Worlds 6

The “god” idea persists. (Where Was God When The Florida Massacre Happened? asks the atheist, Professor Steven Pinker, today – pointing out that “God” was nowhere.)

So let’s speak of it.

The human species is the only thing in our known universe that is a creator and moral law-maker. If “God” is a creator and moral law-maker, the human species is “God”.

Not any particular human being, but the species as a whole.

It is not omnipotent, it is not omniscient, but it is conscious. It consciously creates – not always successfully. It formulates moral principles. It judges, it rewards, it condemns – not always justly. It is a fallible god.

And it is subject to nature’s laws.

Nature’s laws – the laws of physics – were accepted as “God” by Spinoza and Einstein. And by the authors of the Declaration of Independence.

Nature’s laws are all-powerful, but they are not conscious; they are not moral. Conscious humankind can use them for its own purposes and control some of them sometimes. But cannot dominate them. Rather, they dominate – in that they produced, and sustain, and can destroy humankind.

Human consciousness and the laws of nature. Two “gods” then? Yes if you want to call them that. But: They do not need worship. They do not need ritual. They do not need sacrifices. They do not need temples. They do not need priests.

Call them two gods or call them, more interestingly and fruitfully, two interdependent worlds. And together they produce another, a third world.

Which brings us to the Three Worlds of Karl Popper*:

World 1: The physical world – material objects, natural events.

World 2: The mental world – individual consciousness, perception and interpretation of World 1.

World 3: The artificial world – things produced by interaction of World 1 and World 2 eg. speech, books, documents, buildings, ships, vehicles, cities, sciences, theories, governing laws, institutions, machines, computers, gardens, animal and plant hybrids, pianos, songs, works of graphic art …    And gods.

All three Worlds interact with each other.

There is nothing that is not of one, two, or all three of these worlds.

There is no supernatural “god”.

Non-existence does not have to be proved.

“Seeing no reason to believe is sufficient reason not to believe” – Karl Popper.

Or, as Christopher Hitchens puts it:




*Knowledge and the Body-Mind Problem by Karl Popper, Routledge, New York & London, 1994.

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  • I’ve often said the every person is a world.

    Yes. Every conscious human being is a separate world within World 2.

    World 2 is a World of worlds.

    To think of human beings collectively, as herds large or small of identical animated things that need organizing, is the evil way that socialists and socialist sociologists “think”. Barack Obama boasted that he was a professional “community organizer”. He was an evil president.

    • liz

      Yes, Obama isn’t just a socialist (which is bad enough) – he’s the radical, terrorist sympathizing, traitor kind of socialist – in other words, evil.

      • Shocking – but sadly, not surprising!

        Thank for the info, liz.

  • Don L

    Reminded me of an old idea: The Church of the Righteous Self.

    Also, here is the Division of Labor principle … without any central ‘brain’, humankind figured out how to surpass the hierarchy of needs. One never meeting another yet their individual efforts have built a world were we sit at a computer and do this. Robespierre, it is told, finally looked up after weeks and asked about the people and food. He was surprised to find that Paris was being fed without government control.

    One of my favorites is the essay “I Pencil” by Leonard E. Read – now in video format: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYO3tOqDISE

    If you grasp that any idea that a person, commission, Chairman & Board, committee, symposium, bureau, or likewise can mange any part or an entire economy is ludicrous; an absurd impossibility. Yet all around we find people who know what needs to be done. Now, here’s why ONLY Free-Market Capitalism works. It is the only system that provides the motive to create and the coordinating devices to coordinate a global, sovereignty respecting, division of labor: consumer/market determined Profit & LOSS wealth allocation and prices & interest rates.

    Under a communist socialist system there are no prices with which what should be produced can be determined, at what cost, in what color, etc. In a fascistic socialist system, there are prices but all are distorted, dishonest and designed which leads to bubbles and failures until total collapse; as both systems do. It is an impossibility for socialism to ever succeed!!! Mic Drop!!! And, the mystical god IS socialism.

    • Thanks for bringing “I, Pencil” forward again. It needs to be republished often.

  • liz

    Wow, that is a fascinating perspective! The laws of nature predetermine how nature has, and always will, function, but when the human mind evolved to think rationally, a new and unpredictable World entered the picture!
    Out of it we created civilization and vastly improved our quality of life.
    We accomplished all that in spite of religion, and it is still religion that threatens to destroy it, after all these centuries: the religion of the barbaric throwback, Islam, and the modern pseudo-scientific religion of Marxism.