Feminists protecting rapists 4

Pat Condell’s latest video. He talks about immigrant Muslim men raping women and children in Europe

YouTube, owned by Google, made it inaccessible. Which is to say – and Pat Condell says it – the feminists at Google don’t want him saying what he says. 

It could be found elsewhere, though. Here it is from PewTube:

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  • Les_uk

    Just to let you know that the video is available again on youtube – it says underneath that it was restored three days after being removed.

    • Thanks for the good news, Les_uk! Pat Condell has millions of followers. YouTube may have found themselves overwhelmed by protests.

  • liz

    Feminists still think they can believably pretend to be for women’s rights while promoting a religion that destroys them – What a joke!
    They actually share the same goal – both feminists and Muslims want to destroy all of our rights.

  • Don L

    Hoisted on their own petard, it would appear. And, such is all with social justice ideas – failure with death and destruction attached.

    As a personal note, over many years, senior corporate, personal stock trading, and ‘for hire’ transportation, I have been elbow-to-elbow with significant executives, MDs & DDSs and many in professions; all highly educated and successful. And, virtually all know econ only as taught in their freshman year at whatever Univ (including bankers that do not understand fractional reserve). Or, dumb as a rock about economics but steeped in the stupidity of government central planning. They are not aware of any other way of thinking/seeing.

    You take these Silicon Valley founders and I would guarantee they have no knowledge of economics qua economics and are fervent advocates of the emotional government according to SHOULD and are suffering ‘wealth guilt syndrome’. And, as Lord Acton called it, “…absolute power corrupts absolutely”: Beware of Fair, Share … GOOGLE … and the tyranny of SHOULD.