That frozen hell, those flying pigs … and all hail, great chief! 4

Hell has frozen over, and a flight of pigs unprecedented in number is crossing and recrossing the skies over America. CNN – that polluted source of fake news, plain lies (so shameless they could be called “hillaries”), and simmering insurrection against President Trump’s government – has actually declared the truth that President Donald Trump could justly be called a “great president”.  

Thursday on CNN’s Outfront, host Erin Burnett acknowledged in the wake of the announcement President Donald Trump would meet with North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un that if Trump were to defuse the North Korea nuclear situation, he would go down as a “great president”.

Her actual words:

Just an extraordinary evening and, of course, opening the door to the big question — if President Trump could truly solve this problem, that would be going down as a great president. There is no way around that. That is the reality here.

We have esteemed him as a great president for some time now. In the post we link to, we quote an article at American Thinker by Karin McQuillan, in which she writes:

Thanks to his fearless and clear-sighted character, we finally have a president who will not allow North Korea or Iran to have nuclear weapons.  Those of us who see that this is vital for national security are deeply grateful … 

It remains to be seen if North Korea can be “denuclearized”. North Korea has made many promises and broken them all.

If anyone can make it happen, President Trump can.

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  • Zerothruster

    It sounds like Erin Burnett would like to work for Fox News. Whether or not, she’s not long for this earth at CNN.
    Or, are some agents of the MSM starting to come around to better sense? They can’t continue to make fools of themselves without noticing somebody notices.

    • liz

      “Without noticing somebody notices.” Haha! No kidding!
      They never notice anything outside their self-reflecting bubble, like how they’ve become a completely irrelevant, pathetic parody of “News”.
      They’ll definitely continue to make fools of themselves though.

  • Don L

    What adversaries had to fear from Obama: He’ll call and emphatically state, “Knock it off!”.

    The fear from Trump: a continuous scree is all you’ll hear on your end of a call into NOKO after the NOKO Bell phone system melts down.

    On CNBC former Clinton Admin somebody (a former Gov of NM?) or other was going on about how Trump’s foreign policy was atrocious and that he was incapable of handling the Kinton Jung Ush il Bama Un meeting. Not a word that it was Trump’s foreign policy that created the request for an ASAP meeting with uncustomary approval of continued US-SOKO war games – without US giving up a thing. SAD!!!

    • liz

      The same measure that makes Trump a great President is what reveals Obama to be the worst one in history. (Being a @#$&! Commie traitor disqualified Obama from even retaining the honor of the title, but even disregarding that, he was still the worst). Trump is accomplishing the impossible task of raising us out of the hole Obama dug us into, which by itself deserves the title “Greatest”, along with a Medal of Honor.