Human rights for rapists? 11

Another gift of a video from the great Pat Condell:

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  • Lauren Southern now “permanently” banned (only until we overthrow the Glozis of course).

    The video of her allah is gay protest is quite funny, I recommend it.

  • Anne Marie Waters’s gave a rousing speech to the FLA in Birmingham yesterday, support is growing:

    • Thank you, Chauncey! A rousing, moving, daring speech. I immediately posted it on our Facebook page. Am thinking about posting it also on this website.

      • Great, thanks. The problem for us now is how to reach a big enough audience.

        • Jeanne

          Chauncey, what is happening in the villages outside of the cities in the UK? I have a friend and a relative who don’t seem to acknowledge that there is concern in their locales. Is there media black-out that keeps the rest of the UK in the dark…or is it a normalcy bias or apathy? I understand that many times what they know of us is only the worst stuff and not represented all over the US, especially in the rural areas, and their opinions are formed by “the worst stuff.” Is that was is happening here?

          • The BBC and the other TV channels are all pro-Islam. Most people watch the TV news at most and get the impression that all’s well in the best of all possible worlds – diversity is strength, immigration is enrichment and so on. There is normalcy bias for certain but also apathy as well, except the apathy is going hand in hand with the dual fear of Islamic violence and govt. action against the so-called “far-right” (an ever expanding category). “I dare not say what I really think” is something you will hear a lot when people think they are speaking in confidence.

            The split between the cities and the smaller towns and villages is problematic indeed, problems are localized and the worst experience of the growing Islamic presence is to be found in the poorer areas. This is a big problem, as I have tried to explain in a recent post (mentioning some of my own experiences):

            “Immigration and the Common People”

            The presence of large and growing Islamic populations in many European cities is also an additional security problem since all the politicians and media are concentrated in these areas. Therefore the threat from potential jihadi attacks may be having an impact on our society that is amplified further by the simple proximity of these concentrations.

            • liz

              Good post, thanks for the link! Something that would help stop illegal immigration would be to pass a law that limits welfare to legal citizens only (while limiting legal immigration only to those with job skills). That would probably do the trick. But fat chance of THAT ever happening.

            • Thanks Liz, welfare is one thing that AMW talks about but none of the mainstream parties have for some time.

            • Jeanne

              Thank you, Chauncey. I suspected that was the case. I am glad that my friend and relative are not in the thick of the chaos, but as we rural folk in the US have witnessed, the cancer spreads from the cities outward and may take decades to begin its destruction of towns far removed.

  • Cogito

    What an extraordinary man.

  • liz

    He’s right – at this point in Europe, the term “human rights” isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. The rape of their own children is ignored because the rapists are a protected “victim” class, but anyone who objects to that injustice is hounded by the thought police for committing a “hate crime”.