The Islamic Republic of Britain 12

The UK is accelerating its Islamization at an ever-increasing speed. The desire of the British establishment to submit to Islam appears to be overwhelming.

So Judith Bergman writes at Gatestone.

She first demonstrates how the state schools are becoming Islamized, then she continues (in part):

The [Christian] clerical establishment is … pressing Britons to accept and accommodate the ongoing Islamization more readily. …

Britain’s security establishment also seems longing to submit to Islam. Scotland Yard recently warned that hate crimes (“Islamophobia”, in other words, as no other hate crime is taken as seriously) are “hugely underreported”. Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer, Scotland Yard’s head of community engagement said: “The Met [the Metropolitan Police force] has seen a steady increase in the reporting of all hate crime, particularly racist and religious hate crime. Despite this rise, hate crime is hugely underreported and no one should suffer in silence.”

[But] it is virtually impossible for “Islamophobia” to be “underreported” in London. The UK is nothing if not clinically obsessed with “Islamophobia”. In 2016, London mayor Sadiq Khan’s Office for Policing and Crime announced it was spending £1.7 million of taxpayer money policing speech online. Less than six months ago, London police teamed up with Transport for London authorities to encourage people to report hate crimes during “National Hate Crime Awareness Week”, which ran from October 14-21. The events were mainly targeted at Muslims, with officers visiting the East London Mosque to encourage reporting hate crimes. British police have even been taking lessons about Islam and “Islamophobia” from radical Islamist groups such as Mend. One of the most active Mend figures, Azad Ali, has said that he has “love” for Anwar Al-Awlaki, an influential US-born Islamic terrorist, who was killed by a US drone strike in Yemen in 2011.

Meantime, while the police obsess over “Islamophobia”, regular crime in London is exploding. The latest statistics from the London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime show that in the past year, homicides have increased 27.1%, knife crimes have increased 31.3%, and there were 2,551 incidents of gun crime, representing a rise of 16.3%. Police recorded 7,613 rapes in the 12 months through January 2018 compared with 6,392 for the previous year, a rise of almost 20%. … The figures also show an 8% increase in other sexual offenses in the past year, bringing the total number of reported rapes and sexual assaults in London to almost 20,000. Campaigners have suggested the real figure could be “significantly higher” once unreported attacks are taken into account. British police, meanwhile, say they are at a loss to explain what is causing the rise in rapes.

Because so many of the rapists are Muslims, and no one is allowed to say so. Those who do say so are hunted down by the police, who spend their resources on that absurd mission rather than on fighting real crime.

The Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Sir Craig Mackey was recently asked if he had any idea what was behind the surge. His answer: “No, is the honest answer… there is something going on with sexual offending in London that we don’t fully understand, the causes of it. We see the end of it, [but] we don’t understand the causes.”

Meanwhile, 65,000 cases of child sex abuse reached a record high in 2017, or 177 every day: up 15% from 2016.

In Rotherham alone, after 16 years of dismissing the problem, the number of child abuse cases [Muslims “grooming” underage girls as prostitutes] rose to 1,510. The National Crime Agency (NCA) inquiry, “the biggest of its kind in the UK, has identified 110 suspects, of whom 80% are of Pakistani heritage”, officers said.

In its seeming eagerness to submit to Islam, the security establishment even appears to be willing to compare people responding to Islamization and Islamic terrorism with the Islamic terrorists themselves. In a recent lecture, one of the UK’s top counterterrorism officials, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, outgoing head of counter-terrorism policing, compared Tommy Robinson, an anti-Islamist activist, often described as “far-right,” to Anjem Choudary, a radical terrorist-linked Islamist cleric who has advocated sharia in the UK and is now serving a prison sentence for urging support for ISIS.

“Robinson also became a regular fixture in our media, giving him the platform to attack the whole religion of Islam by conflating acts of terrorism with the faith, often citing spurious claims, which inevitably stirred up tensions” Rowley said, “Each side feeds into each other’s extremist rhetoric with the common goal of increasing tensions and divisions in communities”.

Tommy Robinson’s “claims” about Islam were not spurious. He is a brave teller of the truth about that barbaric ideology.

Islam is supremacist, totalitarian, homophobic, misogynist, deeply intolerant, obdurately dogmatic, murderous and savagely cruel. And that needs to be said publicly, loudly, and often. 

Rowley also said, “The right-wing threat was not previously organized. Every now and then there’s been an individual motivated by that rhetoric who has committed a terrorist act, but we’ve not had an organized right-wing threat like we do now”.

Perhaps Rowley might stop to consider why there is now an organized right-wing threat. The British establishment – people such as Rowley – have categorically embraced the “Islam is peace” narrative. The establishment has even let itself and its police be lectured by radical Islamist organizations such as Mend on what Islam is – and has doggedly refused to listen to any dissident voices.

Here is a video in which a dissident voice makes itself heard. Anne Marie Waters, leader of the new political party For Britain, gives a rousing speech to inspire popular resistance against the Islamization of her country. She rightly rages against the “fascist” EU, then – starting at about the 5.50 minutes mark – daringly condemns Islam. “Millions of us are offended by this religion,” she declares.


(Hat-tip for the video to our British associate, Chauncey Tinker)

  • Athrin

    if there is anyone left to fight in britain, they will have to use IRA tactics, and the police would be legitimate targets.

    • It could come to that, Athrin. But it’s government policy that the police are following. The government must be the first target – through the ballot box.

      • Athrin

        ballots do not work, never have never will to fix a country, time for bullets, which ALWAYS work to make change.

    • Jeanne

      What could we suppose would happen if the UK asked for US aid to control a civil war? And…would they ask? I am hoping the citizens take the route of the ballot box.

      • Athrin

        ballot NEVER work to give freedoms, only to take em away, ONLY bullets gets you your freedom (it can also take em away but the balots are used first)

        • Ballots have sometimes worked to bring freedom. But I expect that Islam will have to be forcibly stopped.

          • Athrin

            where and when have ballots brought a country for totalitarian dictatorship to freedom without 1 shot being fired or the military overthrowing the gov.

  • They Islamophobia hysteria and witch hunt can not reach across the Atlantic and suppress our free speech. For every UK patriot too fearful to speak there are several Americans writing on Islam-critical websites that can be read in the UK. Currently these are not being blocked. The Gates of Vienna duo have long been reporting on the repression of counter-jihadi speakers. Judging from the comments there, many Europeans read the truth from our websites. It is so effective that the European governments ban our writers/speakers from entry.

    Just like the politicians were shocked by Brexit, I am hopeful that there will be a healthy reassurance of patriotism. There will be an underground movement via the Internet. It’s too hard to police.

    • I do so hope you are right, Jason P! And you make a good point that our criticism and condemnation of Islam is accessible to them over there, and many read it. But the hour is late.

  • liz

    A very brave speech, but is it too little, too late? They’ve allowed the parasite to devour the host (themselves) to such a degree already, the assimilation can only be of them to the parasite – Islam.

    • Jeanne

      It certainly has appeared to be that, Liz. A deliberate destruction of Western Culture…sound familiar?

      • liz

        All too familiar. It’s been going on for so long you’d think it would’ve become a worn out joke that no one takes seriously anymore.
        But because they remain in control of the educational system and the media, they poison each new generation with anti-Western propaganda despite all our efforts to fix the political scene.