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Pat Condell:

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  • Don L

    Well done. As I recall (the 30s ?) the progressives abandoned the name and took up liberal. Forcing the liberals to use the name classical liberal. Back then, progressive was recognized as marxist/communist. Obviously, that has been forgotten as they return to progressive. I believe in gun control … keep a steady hand when firing. Does anyone know if they have a symbol? I mean other than the democrat donkey.

    • Make one for them, Don L? Not what they’d like, perhaps, but what they deserve. You have a knack for symbol-making.

      • Don L

        The “blue bird of misery” logo of the progressively backward party? Or, the Hillary said it here’w what she means.

        Candidly, I lean toward the bird. It’s theirs and it has the ability to generate a “What’s that” toward telling them. And, too much for an emblem … text and profile get lost if smaller: open for discussion….

        • You’ll get it right.

          BTW, why the bird? What sort of bird is it?

          • Don L

            It can only be the bluebird of death, misery and destruction. Bird-brains unite? Haven’t found anything on it. Didn’t look that hard.

            Wasn’t there an airline a few years back: Song? I believe it’s logo was a bird … they didn’t get off the ground either.

          • Don L

            “The sparrow is facing right, which is a symbol for progressing forward. There is only one star, unlike the logos of the other parties, because we are all one people. We stand together.” From the graphic Artist: TreyCox57 Mar 26, 2016.


            I do the art, I do the research, I take out the trash …Oy , vat a deal.

            • Don L

              Progressive Party started by Teddy Roosevelt (John McCains idol . no wonder) as the Bull Moose party. His campaign was both financed and undermined by the banking cartel in order to get Woodrow Wilson elected – FED cabal, Somewhere along the line of the party’s shadow existence they adopted the bird (sparrow as of now?) Like all things evil they do, they give pretty names and pictures : Work will set you free (Shumer?).
              This brings us to today’s even softer new generation … of tyrannical elite would be rulers and murderers: in the name of social justice / f orced egalitarianism.

            • Well, it’s an unsuitable symbol. Pointless really – like the Progressives themselves. Only not poisonous like them. Not worth using.

            • Don L

              LOL. Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

              Rhetorical … no red cape before the bull. (I’m not calling you a cow or a heifer!)

              Elephant, Rhino, donkey and fish don’t convey their true nightmares. Hammer and cycle at least conveys hard hitting and sharp edges. I just haven’t the creative to construct a symbol that indicates all that stuff. If you have one, let me know. Thanks.


            • I thought you enjoyed doing this. It was not an instruction. It was an invitation to enjoy yourself. Who am I to give you instructions? Please yourself. I can do nothing with such a symbol anyway. Let’s drop the topic.

            • Don L

              Oh. I’m sorry. You have totally missed what I thought was humor. I do enjoy it. I never took it as an instruction. My communication error.

            • Don L

              I have to get the air cleared and since you did this in public, so be it:

              You had asked on a couple posts abot the bird and where it came from. So I was able to discover info which I posted. In the post following the info I added this, I and others see as a joke … in the vain of say the Mother of ‘Everyone loves Raymond’; a bit of ‘not real guilt’ humor:

              (I think this was close to the original.)

              “I do the artwork, I do the research, I take out the trash…. Oy, vat a deal. LOL. ”

              Did you take this seriously? Then I apoligize that I didn’t convey the humor. But, that you would really think I would think that. You did.

              I followed up, after a number of comments where you expressed, “unsuitable” (For What?), “I can’t use it” (For What?), “it’s too weak” (For What?). Now it isn’t that I believed I was being “instructed” nor that I wasn’t enjoying doing it, I enjoy it. But, you obviously envision some purpose that you never shared. And, please remember, I am not a graphic designer — cut & paste with a simple paint program.

              You certainly saw I was using and discusssing the prohibition signal format … was there another format you perceived? I don’t know. As to the prohibition design, there is only so much that can be done in the little circle. And, in that format, prohibiting what … if no one knows what the image is.

              If I design something venomous, etc. who would recognize it as progressive(ism). So, I have no idea your intended purpose: on the side of a bus or the top of a pin. With or without a tag line/caption? Was it wrong of me to ask for some direction other than it isn’t good enough? Just saying.

              So, I apologize if I failed to convey the humor I intended. And, I still have no idea what it is you want an image for … in or out of the prohibition format? All I know is that it’s unworkable and not venomous enough. OK, topic dropped.

            • Small misunderstandings. No offense intended or taken.

          • Don L

            by the graphic artist TreyCox57 Mar 26, 2016″

            “The sparrow is facing right, which is a symbol for progressing forward. There is only one star, unlike the logos of the other parties, because we are all one people. We stand together.”


        • Don L

          The simple one fits graphically with the others. Heck of a time getting these to load. Eh?

      • Don L

        Sorry, weird browser diplays?

        Anyhows, here are a few thoughts. I know, I know, but I prfer the simple bird. It wuld generate “telling” opportunities when folk ask, “what’s that?”.

        Comments invited….

      • Don L
    • liz

      They’ve adopted the Marxist “clenched fist” symbol. And the German Communist Party flag for Antifa. History repeats itself so easily when useful idiots are in abundant supply!

      • Don L

        Thanks. I guess they don’t try to hide their allegiances anymore. The compulsory schooling has succeeded in making death, loss of wealth and the destruction and waste of natural resources acceptable: greening.

    • Jeanne

      Remember when Hillary named herself a “Early 20th Century Progressive” and some of us realized what she truly meant. Thank you Glenn Beck.

      • Don L

        I do remember. I was amazed that she would announce she was a communist … that’s how I’ve always seen them.

        And, let us not forget the eugenics they promoted – Hitler listened.

        • Shaw was a disgusting man. A “Fabian” Socialist, along with Beatrice and Sidney Webb. Despot groupies! Thanks for the video – I am storing it for future use.

        • liz

          Wow! A real eye opener! I wonder how many of today’s hipster “anti-fascist” supporters of Socialism have any clue about that.