Threats to freedom: a view from Britain 11

Under the auspices of The Freedom Association in Britain, Theodore Dalrymple – author of many excellent books, two of them often praised and quoted by Thomas Sowell, Life at the Bottom and Our Culture, What’s Left Of It – gave the inaugural Annual Jillian Becker Lecture on March 23, 2018. 

The annual lecture is in celebration of Individual Freedom and/or The Nation-State. It is given by a person who has spoken or written consistently in defense of either or both. Beyond that, the ideas expressed by the lecturer need not conform to either Jillian Becker’s views or those of the Freedom Association. A wide variety of opinion and context is to be expected and welcomed.

The surprise here is that the lecture is introduced by a Christian priest, the Rev. Peter Mullen, who mentions, in good humor, that both Jillian Becker and Theodore Dalrymple (aka Anthony Daniels) are atheists.

The Freedom Association fought long and hard for Brexit, and was one of the organizations that contributed significantly to the victory of the Leave campaign.

The title of the lecture is: Threats to Freedom.

  • Congratulations Jillian! A well deserved honour indeed!

    The annual event will be a good reminder to people of the need for persistence in the battle for freedom …

  • Don L

    Mirroring Liz: Wow, you never cease to amaze and impress. And, again, it is a well deserved honor.

    I enjoyed the quite British speech. But, what American uses the expression “take home message”? LOL.

    By the by, March 23rd is this guy’s B’day. Unfortunately, in 2010, also the day Obamacare was enacted. Argh!

    Congratulations Jillian!

    • Thanks. I take your point about the take-home message. But we have to remember that saying something about the most serious threat to freedom in Britain can land one in jail.

      • Don L

        I thought it was a pleasant attribution. However, you’re right. I /we don’t have to consider those notions here; yet and hopefully never. MAGA!

      • Cogito

        This is a wonderful tribute to you, Jillian. And as to your point, do you recall that someone in the UK was arrested for quoting Churchill on Islam!

  • liz

    Wow! What an awesome Association, Honoree of the Annual Lecture -Jillian! and lecture by Mr. Daniels! The honor is richly deserved! Bravo!!!
    Also I hope your surgery goes well, we can’t afford for you to be out of commission!

    • I didn’t want the surgery thing to leak out. Actually, it’s still ahead. I had some other surgery at that time. But I stride on, with a tall staff. A grandson tells me the staff needs the head of an SJW on top of it to make the picture complete. I’ll give some thought to personal stories. A genuinely interesting one may occur to me and if so I’ll relate it. Grateful for your interest.

      • Don L

        So the two elder sisters are gazing into the casket of one sister’s dearly departed husband.

        The sister-in-law says, ” what a tragedy. Such a shame he died because nobody knew his blood type.”.

        The newly-widowed sister replies. “Yes, how terrible. But he was such an inspirational man. Even as he took his last breaths he kept whispering to me, Be Positive, Be Positive.”.

      • liz

        Ha! You holding a staff with an SJW head on it makes an inspiring vision! Onward and upward! (As Toad of Toad Hall would say!)