All for one 3

Was there no political bias among the corrupt FBI officials, as some say the inspector general’s report indicates?

Mark Steyn points out that there certainly was:

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  • liz

    Yes, its beyond ridiculous. The same question that constantly came up concerning Obama now presents itself about Comey: Is he really that stupid or is he just doing a lame job of pretending to be stupid because he thinks all of US are too stupid to notice? Either way, it’s an embarrassment.
    If this is the kind of clowns we have running the FBI, it’s no surprise terrorists are slipping through the cracks, and national security is a joke.

    • Jeanne

      I wish I could give you more “likes” for this one, Liz. What to do? What to do? Sometimes I think I should stop paying attention, stay busy with the grandkids and farm and pretend that all is well with our nation and the world and Western Civilization. And…vote early and often.

      • liz

        My sentiments exactly! Its hard to maintain sanity when the inmates seem to be running the asylum.