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Posted under by Jillian Becker on Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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  • Tedd Allen

    Conservative (mostly) atheist here! Just found this site! Brilliant! ūüôā
    Raised in rural Western Canada as a Protestant (by my mother, father is agnostic). Casually believed in God until about 18 years old. Then it just didn’t make sense any more.
    I am liberal in my social views (abortion, decriminalizing soft drugs, gay marriage) but am conservative in every other way… pro capital punishment, small government, low taxes, pro business, strong military, foreign policy, etc.
    I’d like to see conservatism move to a more non religious and socially progressive direction. Then I think that it’s be far more appealing to more people. But I am proof that we do exist. ūüôā

    • You are very welcome, Tedd Allen! Your story is interesting, and similar to the stories many others tell when they join us. And your views broadly match ours and those of most of our commenters. Please comment freely, the more the better.

    • nonnamous99

      “I am liberal in my social views ”

      Fear not, believing government should stay out of our personal lives makes you a libertarian, not a liberal.

  • kidkev

    Conservative Atheist! Oh great progressives built up the movement of underground Atheism and now conservatives are trying to make it their own. Come on join the southern Christian movement where conservatism belongs. Atheism does not need conservatism as conservatism is about non-progress by definition. Atheist want to progress in life.

    • kidkev: there were atheists among the ancient Greeks and Romans. To the Romans of the Empire, Christianity was a novel creed, and the Christians believed they were the progressives. It’s not clear from your comment whether you are for atheism, for conservatism, for Christianity, or for progressivism. Want to clarify at all?

  • leberlenoloc
    • leberlenoloc

      Can’t get my picture in … look at the outhouse cartoon published to denigrate the absence of intelligent economy that would govern the building of G. W. Bush’s library.

      Atlanta Constitution, Nov., 2006

      • Thanks for trying, leberlenoloc. GIve us a link and if we like it, we’ll post the picture.

        • leberlenoloc
          • It is through this link that we found the picture. We have posted it. See the reply to your first comment above.

        • leberlenoloc

          How do nonbelievers soften fear of death? I’ve read that, as a
          group, people with deep religious convictions are less apprehensive about dying than those without such. I just can’t bring myself to believe what I’ve thought was nonsense since I was a ten-year-old acolyte in the Episcopal church. I’m 67, and I’m afraid ill chicken out if I have to face my death if it comes with a lengthy lingering as cancer consumes me instead of a fatal accident or an infarction.

          • Speaking only for myself, I know death is oblivion. There is nothing to fear about it. How one dies can be fearful – pain etc. But when I die, my world ends. That’s it.

            I hope you have not got a consuming cancer?

            People with Christian convictions are made to fear an afterlife of agony in “hell”. How can that be comforting? And if you ask them to describe “heaven” they either speak of the conventional paradise with angels and harps etc – very boring – or they are at a complete loss.

        • leberlenoloc

          A better link — one w/o the Nebraska accommodation for Mr. Obama … http://mediaaccountability.org/2014/07/busted-media-double-standard-full-display/

        • leberlenoloc

          Why are the posts in this thread so very old — three years and older?

          That is not very exciting. Which thread is current? I’ll look to other places on the site. I was about to pose a question regarding Rule of Law, the understanding of which I believe almost no one who burnishes the phrase understands.

          Where shall I go to hide my potion?

          • Not all the comments on About Us are old. Many newer ones are in reply to others, and are to be found on the many pages of comments that this heading attracted.

            To make a more accessible comment, go to our front page, click on the first [or any] title, and you will be taken to a page where you can make any comment you like, whether relevant to that post or not.

            We look forward to hearing more from you, particularly on the Rule of Law.

      • leberlenloc: We have posted the picture of the “Bush presidential library” from RedState at the foot of our post titled “Obama No.1 dolly”. Put that title into our search slot and you will find it. We have acknowledged you as the source, and provided the link to your article too. Thank you for bringing it to us.

  • Shane Stebner

    AWESOME. So glad to see there are more like me. I get sick of both sides being too emotionally attached and dogged in their beliefs of unrealistic bullshit. I appreciate logic. It’s the only way to achieve true freedom, and the only advantage we have over most animals. You guys rock. I don’t need to know anything else about you. I don’t care what music you listen to, what stupid movies you watch, etc…We are completely compatible if you are a conservative atheist.

    • liz

      Hi Shane, awesome to have you here!

    • Don L

      Hi Shane Stebner and Welcome!

    • Welcome, Shane. Please stay with us, even if sometimes we say something you don’t altogether agree with. If that should happen, just tell us what you think. We enjoy a debate.

  • lian

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    • liz

      Hey, sounds like a plan! Maybe winexbackspell could come up with a spell to give characters IQ’s – but wait, that would put her out of business, too…

      • liz

        Edit “characters”, insert “Obama voters”. Either one would fit, I guess.

    • Jillian Becker

      Why are you telling us this, lian? It is of no interest to us.

  • chagrined

    I watched Matusitz C-SPAN and was horrified at his hate mongering of Muslims. My country should not have to tolerate such invective rantings from an insidious ingrate. He should be required to clean up his pernicious, vile, evil act or take it back to his county. Bon Voyage!

    • Don L

      The professor spoke the truth about your filthy and criminal religion and Islamic culture. Face the truth and refrain from shooting the messenger.

      The idea that people follow the life of a disgusting waste of human flesh, Mohammed, who raped, murdered, beats women and sleeps with direct relatives is absolutely animalistic. Any believe that accepts this and promotes and rewards the killing of anybody for any reason is not a religion but rather a criminal enterprise.

      Those that practice it outside the filth countries where its practiced should be rounded up and shipped back from whence they came. All outside connection with these nations should be terminated. No assistance of any kind: medicine, food, energy, money…no anything. They should live and die on their own filthy beliefs. Effectively, wall you culturally garbage people off from the world and you can all live, die, on your faith in the most disgusting person to walk the earth…that human excrement mohammed! Bottom of my shoe and spit on your faith!!!

    • liz

      “My country should not have to tolerate such invective rantings from an insidious ingrate.” -Hey guess what – MY country should not have to tolerate the “invective rantings” of every Muslim “ingrate” undeservedly residing in this country!
      If our “unsharia-like” atmosphere offends you, go back to the sh#thole you came from, and good riddance!

  • As a devout Christian I more than welcome my atheist brothers and sisters into the conservative movement. I have no issues or qualms with those who choose not to believe, as long as we are all on the same Conservative side of the issues. And to my fellow Christians who have an issue with Conservative Atheists: BITE ME…only God can judge, NOT us.

    • Jillian Becker

      Thanks for your comment, The Steve.

    • liz

      Way to be, Steve! I wish all my (former) fellow Christians had your attitude!

  • Jillian Becker

    Zorro -We have read your comment, but cannot find it here to reply directly. We hope you see this. The website is refusing to obey obstructions to put new comments on top (and our webmaster is away so cannot chastise it). You are very welcome. Thank you for your appreciation of our site. Please comment freely.

  • Zorro

    Awesome site for a Barry Goldwater Republican like me! I despise the religious right and their dominionist nonsense. Let’s defend and support conservative values and principles without resorting to superstition!

  • Jillian Becker

    ihfry – We read your comment in reply to Bupshaw3, but cannot find it again immediately. Thank you for your observations and suggestions. We are in strong agreement with you, especially about health insurance for catastrophe only and otherwise paying for health care out of pocket.

    For our readers we reproduce what you wrote here:

    “Social Security; Raise the retirement age to 70, for a start; raise the salary cap on who is required to pay in. I think it‚Äôs now $110,000. If everyone gets it, then everyone should pay in up to the maximum they earn. SS is already means tested since you pay taxes on your payment based on how much other income you have. Medicare is a disaster. Try to find a gp who will take a new M patient ‚Äď reimbursements are too low. But I would redo our entire health insurance program so that all that all it covers is catastrophic events. True insurance, in other words, based on true risk. Costs for routine care should be paid out of pocket and as a consequence, costs would fall ‚Äď dramatically. Doctors would not have to hire huge administrative staffs to fill out all those forms. There would be no incentive to overvisit your doctor and your doctor would not have any incentive to order lots of tests and procedures. Just a thought.”

  • GoodAnimal

    I just read the post “Blessed are the Slimy” and simply could not believe that it was meant to be taken seriously.
    Do you really have it in your heads that protecting endangered species is some sort of gambit to take over the earth??
    To be fair to the site, I’ve not read any more posts – stopped right there. Maybe the other material is not so insane. May be a good idea to remove “Blessed are the Slimy” for starters – if you want to be taken seriously.

    • Jillian Becker

      You had better take our points in “Blessed are the slimy” and argue your case against them – of you want us to take you seriously.

    • liz

      The fact that you think the environmentalist and UN agenda is harmless proves how ignorant you are – but that’s typical of most average citizens these days. Ignorance is bliss, and makes for very useful idiots.

    • Jillian Becker

      No, we’re pleased to be able to boast that all posts are just as insane as that one is.

  • J.W. Browning

    I love this site! Now, if I could only find people like this to hang out with.


    This website seems to satisfy my needs more than any other that I’ve found so far! I,ve more or less been disappointed in my search for a conservative AND an Atheist viewpoint in tandem.

    Thank you for bringing these two vital perceptions of reality into being on the internet! I look forward to following the different contributions of thoughts on your site.

    Ayn Rand would most definitely be a follower and a contributor if she were still among us.

    • Jillian Becker

      Welcome, REALBEING! We are truly happy to have you with us. Please stay with us. Comment whenever you feel like it.

      We also like to think that Ayn Rand would have read us … daily.

  • jinna

    I have not read a lot on this website but the name already has me in smiles, it feels good to know there are other non religious conservatives out there. I would probably vote liberally if I ever had to vote in such a system (im not american). But culturally I am conservative and I would like to connect with more conservative non-believers,

  • Philo Vaihinger

    Just found this site with a Google search, hunting with “atheist conservative.”

    Cards on the table, I vote Democrat to safeguard our moderate social democracy and not for much else.

    I favor a sort of Little America, America First, paleocon non-interventionism in foreign policy while opposing anything resembling liberal internationalism.

    Think of Bill Kauffman’s outlook.

    I think Israel is not a state of the United States and would most certainly not want it to be.

    I think far from being in our interest our support for Israel is generally much contrary to our national interest, and has been since Truman’s time.

    Though I am glad of America’s continuing sexual and anti-clericalist revolutions I despise liberal racism and the feminist war on men, and would be glad to see a healthier, NOT too-big-to-fail capitalism restored to the US.

    Being a fan of the First Amendment, I intensely disapprove PC campaigns to silence thought and speech criminals or get them fired from culturally or politically important posts.

    And being a realist I think some religions far more dangerous than others, with Islam certainly in our time the worst of the world’s major religions.

    And I have to say I have no problems at all with voter ID.

    For these and many other reasons I often find conservative media and sites much more sympathetic than liberal ones, from three of the biggest of which I have lately been banned.

    Interestingly, no conservative site has banned me.

    Anyway, not yet.

    On the other hand, currently, the GOP’s key aim is the destruction of that same American social democracy I strongly favor and will soon, as an aged retiree, personally need.

    Too, the neocon-dominated GOP is even more wedded to Israel and military internationalism than the Democrats.

    Imagine my dismay when, having voted for GW thinking him not likely to do any serious harm to Social Security or Medicare and less bellicose than Al Gore (remember GW’s talk about a “humble” foreign policy and his opposition to American participation in the wars in the Balkans?), he invaded two countries in his first term starting over a decade of neocon wars, and attacked Social Security in his second!

    I think I will resist the temptation to vote Republican, again, any time soon.

    But in truth it’s sometimes more a matter of wearing a gas mask than holding my nose to vote for a Democrat.

    Anyway, glad to have found you.

    Have a nice day.

    PS. Besides being an atheist I am an immoralist.

    After all, the moral faith is just another baseless superstition.

    • jinna

      Can you message me. I need to ask you a question. jinna.ziller@gmail.com

      • Philo Vaihinger


    • Jillian Becker

      Welcome, Philo Vaihinger and jinna.

      If you exchange emails, and your discussion is interesting, perhaps you will make it available to all if us?

  • libertarius

    I’ve just landed from a facebook link, and already this site looks promising!

    • Jillian Becker

      Welcome, libertarius! We like your name very much. Please stay with us and comment freely.

  • How do we as atheist overcome the fact that there are some real Christian nut jobs within the Republican Party?

    • Jillian Becker

      Thanks for your comment, Paul Kaup. We sympathize with your irritation. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about the religious nut jobs except criticize their mystical ideology, aka their religion, whenever the opportunity arises. And always insist on the separation of church and state.

    • libertarius

      My approach would be to attack superstition and anti-empirical thinking no matter where it stems from – and that means casting much of the demagoguery of the Progressive Left in the same category.

    • Jillian Becker

      We commiserate about this often. What can we do but criticize, question, argue, and hope to bring them to enlightenment – the eternal Socratean exercise?

  • Belief in false Gods is inherent in almost all of humanity, not the least of whom are self described “Liberal Atheists”. Yet they have simply replaced the Biblical God with the far more destructive Gods of Social Justice and other forms of liberal ideology. I am an Agnostic but respect religious conservatives far more than liberal atheists.

    Judeo-christian philosophy teaches man important (and non-intuitive) values such as the sanctity and value of each individual life and we all (Atheists included) benefit from living in societies where these values exist.

    Where Judeo-christian values have receded, they are replaced with either the totalitarian state, the progressive state, or some other ideology where the individual is oppressed and controlled.

    • liz

      So you don’t think a society can escape dictatorship without having the influence of religion?
      Religion itself was a dictatorship before it had it’s claws removed by the advance of scientific thought (which produced atheistic thought) during the Enlightenment, and the subsequent separation of church and state by our enlightened Founding Fathers. Most of them weren’t atheists, but they were progressing in that direction, some of them being Deists.
      Judeo-christian philosophy didn’t invent moral values. Such values were already in existence in various forms in previous societies, and were then co-opted by Jews and then Christians into their own teachings.
      So although it would probably be difficult to achieve, seeing how entrenched religions are, I still think it theoretically possible for a non-totalitarian state to exist without religion.

    • Jillian Becker

      The medieval Catholic Church did its utmost to be a totalitarian power wherever it could reach, and succeeded to a terrifying extent. Within each his own more restricted realm, the Protestant leaders tried the same, also with terrifying success.

      It is to the Enlightenment (as liz says) that we owe our emancipation from what you call Judeo-Christian values. I don’t accept that hyphenation, by the way. Judaism – whatever its faults – was primarily about justice for the individual. A hard goal, but one worth pursuing – and ideas of what justice is evolve as time goes by. But Christianity tried to REPLACE justice with love, forgiveness, “not resisting evil”: a sentimental, weak, impractical, and inescapably hypocritical goal. Christianity was opposed to Judaism, it did not endorse it. Even when the Church fathers were forced to add the Jewish bible to their own haphazard collection of internally contradictory scriptures – because they needed its “prophecies” for their own religion’s myth, and a part of the law because they found that the Church’s initial antinomianism was unsustainable – their interpretations largely neutralized the older religion’s moral message.

      America’s polity is essentially secular. You may think that it’s foundational values are “Judeo-Christian”, but they can also be seen as values of enlightened self-interest, good sense, patriotism, self-respect, and respect for the secular law. All nations embodying such principles are good ones. Trouble is, there are too few of them. But there are many theocracies (Islamic states notably) and they are hell to live in.

      In general, religion has done great harm to humanity, and is still doing it.

  • Evan Brown

    I literally searched ‘atheist conservatives’ on google to see, if anything, came up. I grew up in the uber-liberal reaches of Marin County, just north of San Francisco. The ‘holier than thou’ mentality we mostly prescribe for religious zealots was prevalent in this place riddled with white liberals with dreadlocks who collected the conflicting figurines of Buddhism, Hinduism, and whatever vague African statues they could find. And I endured such people as I worked at a local Whole Foods there. I knew I was at least agnostic at the time, yet, I was always a little taken aback at how belligerent liberals could be about many issues. Thus far, I’ve greatly enjoyed your articles, and they are intelligently cathartic. I will definitely be a continuing visitor.

    • liz

      well, I practically had to do a Google search to find this post, and now notice i missed several below posted a month ago. But, anyway, welcome, Evan! Good for you to grow up in the midst of all that and make it out as a sane atheist conservative.

  • Paine

    PLEASE! Where is the FORUM? I live in the third notch of the Bible Belt and I am a recovering ExChristian who needs to find other Conservative Freethinkers—especially after this election atrocity! We are SO RARE! Love y’all and can’t wait to pick through this site.

    • jinna

      yes there should be a forum lol.. I am dying to talk to other conservative non-religious people!!!

  • ReturnSoon

    I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, but the article, ‚ÄúObama gang submits to America‚Äôs enemy‚ÄĚ is excellent and very informative. Thank you for your time and research.

  • The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Sorry, I can’t say that with a straight face!

  • sonofapreacherman

    Wow.. I thought I was the only one.. An Atheist who is a conservative.. I have never understood how Atheism and Liberalism go hand in hand… Liberalism simply replaces “the god” with “the government”. When liberals attack conservatism, replace government with god and you get the same illogical name calling and arguments as a believer gives… They never let facts stand in their way

    • You are very welcome, sonofapreacherman! Please stay with us. Please add your views to our posts. We suspect that there are many more atheist conservatives out there, and we hope many more will join us.

  • I am new to this site, actually new to the idea that there are many others like me. It’s nice to have a friendly place to exchange Ideas, and feel a little less lonely (philosophically speaking). Really appreciate what Jillian and the rest of you have put together here.;-)

  • Gil Gaudia

    I am a bit confused. Am I an atheist conservative because I own an believe in the right to own guns, or am I an atheist liberal because I despise Republican politics and intend to vote for Barack Obama? Am I an atheist conservative because I think Islam is a malevolent force to be opposed, or am I an atheist liberal because I believe Muslims should not be persecuted?

    • Gil –
      We take your word for it that you are an atheist. That much is clear.
      As you believe in the right to own guns, and think Islam is a malevolent force but that individual Muslims should not be persecuted, you agree with Republicans.
      If you nevertheless intend to vote for Obama, you are extremely confused.

    • liz

      Gil, if you vote for Obama you won’t have your guns for long.

  • RMarlena

    Hello … I feel a bit like Alex Haley in the second installment of ROOTS where he yells, “I found you!” I am Jewish and very proud to be Jewish, but I am also an atheist. However, I am extremely respectful of people who DO believe. I don’t concur with billboards insulting those who believe. I don’t like demanding that “Christmas” be replaced with “holiday.” The reason being is that I am confident in my own skin, so I don’t have to take others down.
    Also, many of my friends are born again Christians since they are CONSERVATIVES. Needless to say, many Jews are liberals. How they can support Barack Obama is beyond my comprehension. At the end of the day, I am more comfortable with 100 Christian conservatives than one Jewish liberal. (Does that make sense to anyone.)
    In addition to this website, I am looking for face-to-face meetings. Thank you.

    • Welcome, RMarlena. Yes everything you say makes good sense to us.

  • If you think Romney will be any better than Obama, think again!


    Both Obama and Romney are Big Government sacks of shit!

    • Jillian Becker

      The Libertarian Party doesn’t stand a chance.¬†

      Romney would be better than Obama. 

      It will be good if Romney wins in November. 

      He is far from the perfect candidate. 

      But we should not let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

  • concrete pump

    Never thought i’d find a site like this……what a relief. Admit being a right-winger and an atheist and it’s funny looks all round, even here in England.

  • Plan-9

    1) left-wing (progressive) atheists in history used to say “no kings, no gods, humanity”

    2) left-wing (progressive) christianity says “no kings, people are equal, only god determines fate”

    3) right-wing (conservative) christianity says “gods, kings, people shall obey lords”

    4) right-wing (conservative) atheists says “no gods, only people kings, obey” to my eyes it looks like la vey-anism?!?!

    • George

      ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I have to admit Plan-9 regarding what you posted that I have also come to realize that from whatever political persuasion ( side of the fence ) one is on regarding these matters¬† left-wing/right-wing or religious/secular¬† ) organizations and movements , NEITHER represents true FREETHOUGHT ( a neutrality sense of real and true individualism ) in the general sense but are all AGENDA or politically driven . ALL have some form of bias or another ( and SOME are in denial of this ).¬† Whether left-wing or right-wing , all have a biased political leaning one way or another . The problem with world society is that people on both sides of the fence are so bent of thinking that EVERYTHING they do or embrace is automatically right and anyone who doesn’t jump aboard the political bandwagon will become “demonized”—pardon the religious term.¬†
      ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I am secular and have no intent to force or impose my position on anyone ( I simply¬† do not¬†believe in the supernatural [ gods or demons , deities or devils ) , however I must say that ¬†unfortunately many ( on both sides ) ¬†have attributed politics with both positions and when force is used to implement this , it becomes a mental or socially¬† chaotic and sometimes horrific “chain” upon the populace at large. ¬†Innocent people often get caught right in the middle of the crossfire.