Another act of religion 7

Dousing the fire on a human body

The picture is from the Religion of Peace, showing a woman trying to put out the fire on the burning body of a bomb victim with water from a plastic bucket.

This happened on October 4, 2011, in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, when over one-hundred people were killed in a powerful truck bomb by al-Shabab terrorists.

They carry out their mass murders, abductions, and tortures, in the name of Islam.

Islam orders Muslims to kill non-Muslims, but forbids them to kill other Muslims. The victims of this bombing were almost certainly all Muslims. Many of them were students. The lone perpetrator believed the students were not doing their Islamic duty, according to this article in the San Francisco Chronicle:

The Somali suicide bomber who killed more than 100 people, including students seeking scholarships, in an attack near the education ministry was a school dropout who had declared that young people should forget about secular education and instead wage jihad.

Bashar Abdullahi Nur, who detonated a massive blast Tuesday that covered the capital in dust more than a half-mile away, had given an interview before the attack that was later aired on a militant-run radio station.

“Now those who live abroad are taken to a college and never think about the hereafter. They never think about the harassed Muslims,” he said. …

Dozens were wounded, including Somalia’s deputy health minister. …

The attack took place near a building housing several government ministries, and it was not immediately clear what was the precise target. However, it is not the first time the al Qaeda-linked militants have targeted students. In 2009, the al-Shabab group attacked a graduation ceremony, killing medical students and doctors.

The group considers the secular education as a form of Western invasion into the minds of the Muslims.

Obviously nowhere near invasive enough.

  • Anonymous

    Decent people reject the idea of murder.  When religions encourage murder, that is sick, sick, sick.  Awfully evil.

  • Harold

    I agree that the people who do this kind of thing are as bad as they come, and I do not wish to excuse them one iota.  However, it is worth considering how al-shabab has gained such power as it does have.  There was a relatively moderate (relatively is a vague term in this context) group called the islamic courts union that had just about taken over Somalia.  They had established a sort of government, a sort of rule of law (although a dodgy law),  and were beginning to get control of such things as piracy.  The US backed the Ethiopians, who are traditionally hated by the Somalians, to go in with tanks, and “re-establish” the “proper ” government.  This proper government had acheived zilch, and was not able to govern at all.  The result was that the somalians got together behind the even-badder boys of al-shabab.  We now have an even more extreme group than the Islamic Courts Union in charge, at least partially.

    Now, I am not saying that the Islamic Courts Union were good guys, but the  US interference has resulted in even worse situation.  If the USA is going to interfere, it should do it properly, so it can control the outcomes. 

  • Liz

    It makes you wonder how humanity ever evolved at all, when it has had to fight religion every step of the way.  Christianity demonized reason and education, too.  So this is nothing new – just a more virulent strain of the same deadly mental disease manifesting itself.  You’d think we’d have eradicated it by the 21st century, but it’s been incubating in the dark stagnant pools of Muslim culture for centuries.  History repeats itself, taking one step forward and two steps back.  

    • George

      Well Liz , with these barbaric throwbacks , for every step we take forward they take one thousand backwards.   These are the most mindless scoundrels that ever existed.  They have no sense of thinking for themselves but are smply brainwashed by their theological beliefs.   Oh how much more advanced world civilization would be if it were not for organized superstition ,  mythology and mind control.

  • Mark

    “Drrr…. folks are getting wise to my bs and I don’t like it. Maybe I’ll go murder a bunch of people that are in no way responsible for my feelings of inadequacy nor the fact that I shower but once a month. Yeah, that’ll fix things.”

    I don’t know what’s worse, the methods or the rationale. F*cking animals.

    • George

      Absolutely Mark !     You’re right on target.   The barbarians are taking over and stupid people who should be standing up to them and fighting back allow it to occur.     The cowards and PC pundits let this happen and it pisses me the f***  off !      They are worse than animals . Even animals don’t behave like this . Animals don’t kill for the thrill of it or for any agenda. Animals only kill for survival (FOOD) .    We also kill for food. We kill chickens , cows , pigs ,  fish and others for food as well.  These barbaric savages kill because they are  f***ing  BRAINWASHED  with a sicko dogma. Did you see the murders under the articles  Muhammads command post and Other acts of religion  ?  I’ll post on it again and bring it back up and please make a comment there as well Mark. It will sicken you .      Astheists are NOT committing any violence or terrorism anywhere and yet we are hated and despised because we don’t believe in the imaginary and invisible Daddy In The Sky.   Unfreaking real !

  • George

    Another example of the religion of peace at work. While I find the zealot Christians to be an annoying pain in the butt , these zealot Muslims are deadly dangerous and represent a clear and present danger to world peace and civility everywhere. these are the radicals that we should be addressing and putting our serious attention upon .  These zealots are working day and night to push this jihadist sharia law dogma and culture upon the entire world and we had better get a grip and wake the f*** up !