Free Caribbean vacation anybody? 14

Would you like a long vacation on a sunny Caribbean island, costing you not a cent for accommodation, good food, leisure, sports with luxury facilities including a super new soccer field, TV and DVD movies, newspapers in a well-stocked library, and “enriching your life” classes with instruction in painting, writing a resume and how to handle personal finances?

All you have to do to qualify is commit an act of terrorism against the United States – outside US territory –  in the name of Islam.

This is from Commentary Contentions, quoted by Alana Goodman:

Among the recent improvements to the facility commonly known as “Gitmo”: a heavily guarded soccer field for detainees known as “Super Rec,” which cost nearly $750,000 and opened this week; cable television in a communal living quarters and “enriching your life” classes for detainees, which include instruction on learning to paint, writing a resume — even handling personal finances. …

Many of the improvements have been made at the most modern facility in the detention center, known as Camp VI, a communal living compound that houses about 80 percent of the 169 detainees currently held at Gitmo. There, detainees who are deemed to be compliant with the rules and therefore eligible for more privileges are able to watch 21 Cable TV channels, DVD movies, read newspapers and borrow books from a library.

Alana Goodman comments:

You’ve got to be kidding. Only 21 cable channels available? It would have been so much more humane to simply drop a drone on their heads and get it over with.

Notice that Democrats pretty much stopped complaining about the detention facility after gaining control of the executive branch. Most of their concerns about civil liberties at Guantanamo Bay seemed to evaporate shortly after Obama’s election. The issue just never comes up anymore — and even the media lost interest in stories about alleged “mistreatment” at the facility. Also note that Democrats are pretty nonchalant about Obama’s “kill list,” and his increase in drone strikes. They were appalled with the idea of detaining terrorists and attempting to collect intelligence from them, but they support killing them in the desert with hellfire missiles.

For the record, I’m in favor of both. But how can you support the latter and not the former, and claim it’s for humanitarian reasons?

We too are in favor of both.

We’d consider it merciful treatment for the Allahu Akhbar Murderers if they were fed on pork, cooped up in narrow dark cells, humiliated, forced to give information to relentless interrogators, tried briskly soon after capture by military tribunals, and shot.

Call us soft if you will.

  • Harold

    How a site that defends liberty can confuse possible lifelong detention without trial to a vacation is beyond me.

    • Jillian Becker

      Never mind, Harold. Just keep trying. No one can ask more of you than you’re capable of. 

      • George

        Jillian. It’s a wasted effort with Harold.  I expected this as usual and I’m not surprised in the least. There is no dialogue and explanation , just an attack as usual.

        • Harold

          Hi George, I don’t think it fair to say I do not conduct dialog here – maybe a bit delayed, but here nonetheless.

          I have not expressed an opinion here about Gitmo or its detainees.  The juxtaposition just struck me.  Liberty is upheld on this site as one of the principle rights – anyone disagree with that?  To deprive someone of their liberty is very serious, even if it is in a sunny place with television.  Would you opt for such a “vacation” George?  Would you consider it a vacation if you were  treated like the Gitmo inmates?

          You say these are not US citizens with rights as civilians.  Does this mean you believe non USA citizens have no rights?   Does the USA have the right to take any foreigner it wants and hold them indefinitely?

          People here assume they are terrorists, but how do we know?  Certainly very many detainees have been released after years of detention, with no evidence that they were ever terrorists.  Many of them were not taken “on the battle field”.

          Whatever their status, they should be tried and dealt with accordingly.

    • George

                       Harold , how you can confuse this website pointing out how terrorist captors in a prison camp in Cuba who are receiving first class luxury amenities more so than some 5-star luxury hotels is beyond ME. Are you trying  to engage in any form of dialogue or are you simply trying to attack the site ?   These are not American  citizens with rights as civilians . These are civilian enemy war captors (terrorists captured in the act of war ) of another nation war captors ( not in uniform ). According to the rules of war ,  if an out of uniform enemy combatant is captured , the field leader in charge has the authorirty to execute that captor on the spot upon capture just as the famous Vietnam video of the South Vietenamese general who captured a North Vietnamese officer that was spying and out of uniform. The south Vietenamese general marched  the handcuffed North Vietnamese plain clothes officer out into the streets and shot him in the side of the head with a revolver which was in accord with the rules of warfare.  I will agree with one thing on your point Harold , they should have been given a military tribunal immediately and if found guilty , then executed on the spot instead of a prolonged capture and saved us from taking care for life those  engaging in terroristic mass murder. 
                          Another thing Harold  ( and I am not trying to sound abbrasive  ) , is that liberals like yourself wring your hands out in sympathy for these people that want to anihilate us but these same indiduals that you defend so staunchly would never reciprocate if the shoe was on the other foot. I really wish you would get off this “political correctness”  trip Harold because your “bleeding heart” sympathy for mass murderers is self-defeating. These captors are not government uniform troops and as such they DO NOT come under the rules of the Geneva Convention  rules of warfare——-GOT IT ?   I don’t want to sound adversarial here Harold but sometimes I actually believe you’re  rooting for the enemy at  times and that’s just my personal opinion and viewpoint of course but I’m seriously beginning to wonder. Anyway, may you have a nice day  Harold.

    • George

                                 Harold , you have totally misunderstood my position on this matter.  I was unable to reply under your last posted message.  I am not saying that you cannot engage in any dialogue in general but in this instance you started off attacking the site itself instead of simply making your point right from the start. If you disagreed with something presented here then all you had to do was present your reason why you disagree in detail. That’s all. You didn’t do that.  Secondly you and I are in agreement here on this  matter as even I do NOT want people detained without charges and prolonged in some penal institution ( POW camp in this instance ) without charges and a trial. So we are in agreement there . The thing that I am trying to get YOU to understand sir is that these specific individuals are not military (government ) troops  or uniform infantrymen  in a national state role of warfare but are instead a roving band of murderous citizens of their nation engaging in such acts and so therefore as such they DO NOT fall under the rules of the Geneva Convention.  Just as Robert Yarber stated  and I agree that there should have been immediate charges made on them , then a military tribunal (trial) and if found guilty to be executed and if found not guilty , they should be set free and sent back to their respective nation(s). I also sir do not agree with detaining  people forever without any charges made and that was the neglect of the military and political body in general to have not done so in the very beginning. That’s all.  Plain & simple ! 

      • Harold

        George, sorry if I misinterpreted your intention.  I often make long, rambling posts, and thought I would have a go at a short, snappy one that I thought summed up my meaning pretty well.

        Without some sort of hearing, how do we know what these people are or are not?  779 have been taken there, and 600 have been released, most without charge.  We were told that these were the “worst of the worst”, but it turned out that the majority were pretty harmless.  Many of these were not captured on the battlefield.   Without a trial, we are totally at the mercy of what the officials tell us – this is actual tyranny.  Just because they are not USA citizens does not in my mind justify this treatment.

  • The only thing these terrorists deserve is a bullet to the brain, after being interrogated to reveal the location of their other cock roach friends. Forget a trial, they don’t deserve one.

    • George

      Robert, the liberals would give US a bullet to the brain before they stand up and fight back. The liberals are self-defeating and culturally & socially suicidal brainwashed mental-zombies. It’s truly pathetic.    I hate to say  it Robert , but your words will only fall upon deaf ears.  How sad !

    • George

      Now now Robert , those liberals are gonna call you mean-spirited and “insensitive ”  and you ( or rather WE ) don’t want that do we ( I’m being sarcastic of course ).   

  • Ealmasy

    For the record, the Geneva Convention is very clear about what we now call “terrorists” i.e. armed persons taken on the field of battle, with no affiliation with a an organized army and performing acts of murder  for their own purposes. 

    They get due process: a military tribunal to rule on whether they are “protected” (i.e that are soldiers engaged in lawful warfare) followed by execution if they are not.  The method of execution is not specified, so torture to extract intell is not beyond the realm possibility…

    During WWI, vicious  gangs of deserters living in abandoned trenches were summarily (and quietly) executed under this rule by both sides.

    While this is not very nice, it is how war works. 

    • George

      Very true indeed Ealmasy. The reason that we do not have military tribunals today is becasue the ‘politically correct” liberal left have capitulated to our open enemies and protect them . These same enemies would kill these very same liberals in the blinking of an eye if they had the chance. The liberal left want to give mass murdering ruthless terrorists every form of creature comfort imaginable while they (liberals) mock and practically “spit” on our troops.  Liberals commit political and social suicide and subject the rest of us to the life threatening dangers that we should be fighting against . It’s widespread societal ” Stockholm Syndrome ” which threatens our very existence , freedoms and liberties. Thank you for pointing that out Ealmasy. 

  • Liz

    Yes, too soft! They don’t even deserve that, much less what they get at Gitmo.
    Gitmo is actually where this whole bunch now in the White House needs to be sent, although it’s actually too merciful for them, too. 

    • George

      We’ve been sold out Liz  !    Obama gave people  “CHANGE”  alright—— a change for the worse.