Free Caribbean vacation anybody? 201

Would you like a long vacation on a sunny Caribbean island, costing you not a cent for accommodation, good food, leisure, sports with luxury facilities including a super new soccer field, TV and DVD movies, newspapers in a well-stocked library, and “enriching your life” classes with instruction in painting, writing a resume and how to handle personal finances?

All you have to do to qualify is commit an act of terrorism against the United States – outside US territory –  in the name of Islam.

This is from Commentary Contentions, quoted by Alana Goodman:

Among the recent improvements to the facility commonly known as “Gitmo”: a heavily guarded soccer field for detainees known as “Super Rec,” which cost nearly $750,000 and opened this week; cable television in a communal living quarters and “enriching your life” classes for detainees, which include instruction on learning to paint, writing a resume — even handling personal finances. …

Many of the improvements have been made at the most modern facility in the detention center, known as Camp VI, a communal living compound that houses about 80 percent of the 169 detainees currently held at Gitmo. There, detainees who are deemed to be compliant with the rules and therefore eligible for more privileges are able to watch 21 Cable TV channels, DVD movies, read newspapers and borrow books from a library.

Alana Goodman comments:

You’ve got to be kidding. Only 21 cable channels available? It would have been so much more humane to simply drop a drone on their heads and get it over with.

Notice that Democrats pretty much stopped complaining about the detention facility after gaining control of the executive branch. Most of their concerns about civil liberties at Guantanamo Bay seemed to evaporate shortly after Obama’s election. The issue just never comes up anymore — and even the media lost interest in stories about alleged “mistreatment” at the facility. Also note that Democrats are pretty nonchalant about Obama’s “kill list,” and his increase in drone strikes. They were appalled with the idea of detaining terrorists and attempting to collect intelligence from them, but they support killing them in the desert with hellfire missiles.

For the record, I’m in favor of both. But how can you support the latter and not the former, and claim it’s for humanitarian reasons?

We too are in favor of both.

We’d consider it merciful treatment for the Allahu Akhbar Murderers if they were fed on pork, cooped up in narrow dark cells, humiliated, forced to give information to relentless interrogators, tried briskly soon after capture by military tribunals, and shot.

Call us soft if you will.