Religion poisons everything 1

This video takes little more than 50 minutes to watch, not the hour and more indicated on it.

It’s well worth the time.

We agree with almost everything Christopher Hitchens says here about religion. (We do not share all his tastes or opinions. He never quite escaped from the Left, though he edged further and further Right in his last years.)



(Hat-tip Andrew M)

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    I watched this video yesterday, and I thought Hitchens very insightful on most everything that was brought up. I agree with you that he seems to be sliding ever so gently to a more “rightful” position.

    I was once a staunch, Left-leaning Catholic in my younger years, mainly because I was never one to get deeply into what was going on in the country with politicians. I was too caught up in my life and work.

    Obama changed all of that for me, and that is the one thing that I can truly thank him for.

    In this piece I detect Hitchens wanting to lace his remarks with more Conservative-slanted thought, but cannot quite bring himself to speak the words.

    Perhaps his all-out assault and focus on the religious poisoning of Humanity keeps him on track towards this first goal, not wanting to fight the battle against stupidity on two fronts at once!

    This ‘poisoning’ scenario also fits the Left’s Socialist belief system which focuses on facilitating something outside of the individual run his life for him, making all of us ‘wards’ of the State.

    But I would be willing to bet that Hitchens’ own self-knowledge of Atheism might be bringing him to an understanding within himself that each man must become his OWN keeper, if Society is to function and finally grow into adulthood.

    I for one discovered through what training I received that “stinking thinking” (unfounded, untested, or emotionally-led belief systems) is not thinking at all.

    I firmly believe that everything that comes to me must be testable and tested, or it is displaced by that which shows to function in our reality.

    The untested, or this clinging to an emotionally-based material is only a continuation of someone else’s untested belief….a tradition of stupidity, if I may. (All truth is but Personal truth)

    For ten years my teacher, George, taught me that it is every human being’s duty to finally ‘leave home’ on our inside as well as on our outside, find our own truth, and work to replace ourselves, if Humanity is to be successful.