The savior cometh … and cometh … 11

Here’s the Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s head of state, droning on about the return of the Mahdi, the 12th Imam, who went into “occultation” when he was four years old, and will return any day now to lead the Shi’a Muslims in the world’s final war which will make them victorious over all the peoples of the earth. In fact, he says, the Mahdi is already among them. Many have seen him without realizing who he is. But soon he will make himself known – and then all the rest of us will meet our doom.

It’s a glimpse into a very dark mentality. Into many dark mentalities. His audience chant set responses with devotion and utter conviction.

Like climate alarmists, they’ll go on believing the prediction no matter how many aeons pass in which it fails to come true.

Nothing will change their minds. Holy war it must be, waged now to prepare for the Mahdi suddenly appearing and taking the lead.

Our suggestion: skip a lot of it. Watch and listen at well-spaced intervals. It’s easy to get the gist without enduring it all.

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  • liz

    The worst part of it is that Christians are thinking the same thing about Armageddon, the return of Christ and the rapture.
    They’re thinking it’s all been prophesied to happen and their side wins – Jesus is going to show up and save the day anyway, so why do anything to stop it?
    This delusion is part of the reason (along with general ignorance and apathy) that there hasn’t been enough strength in the citizen resistance to Obama and his collaboration with our enemies.

    • That’s an interesting point, liz.

      Waiting for the Mahdi, or the Messiah, or Jesus’s Second Coming – all crazy fantasies.

      The Mahdi will lead a final battle. The Messiah will get the Romans packing. Jesus will start the Last Judgment.

      But we say to such earthly powers as are actually here: stop Iran getting the bomb. And stop Obama doing everything he’s doing.

      • Don L

        The christians laugh at the 72 virgins and think immaculate births and resurrections are accurate…again, O’Reilly is proud to annouce he was directed by the holy spirit…WHAT???

        One can’t fully call the other insane without coming to grips with their own insanity…turn the other cheek will get us killed. They seek permission from the ghost in the sky to defend themselves…defend America…Scary!

        9AM…crap…time to get and stay drunk…LOL (kidding).

        • liz

          Reminds me of the recent “Jesus and Mo” cartoon where they both laugh at the Muslim couple who claimed that a stranger they met must have been the “Mahdi”, but then they both agreed it was probably just an angel.
          Funny, but totally true.

    • Don L

      Ha…Great minds. I’d been considering my thoughts and came back to post…the words right outta my mouth!

      OK…No as violent now…but as I watched this robe draped piece of filth…I couldn’t escape visions of a pope…smoke [ots…the trappings of dangerous make believe.

      • liz

        Yes, like a chimpanzee sitting there in that garb, spouting a bunch of delusional hooey, to manipulate the minds of thousands of unthinking, mentally enslaved, useful idiots.
        Muslims who live in the intellectual vacuum of a sharia controlled theocracy have somewhat of an excuse to be mental cripples, but what’s stopping citizens of a free country to think independently and question religious dogma?


      The Russians practiced brainwashing for quite a while and got almost as good at it as the Christian and Muslim leaders.

      • liz

        So good, in fact, that it’s results are alive and well in our own public schools, media, and government today!


    Whoa!!! Who wants to listen to this old warthog drone on in his native tongue about some silly beliefs that have absolutely zero basis in reasonable thought?? Listening to him makes me even happier to be an Atheist living in America….

    • Point is, Western politicians deceive themselves that the Iranian leadership thinks as they do, and must want to be part of the comity of nations, willing to live and let live. Not so. This old warthog is the head of the state of Iran, and he thinks that by bombing Israel into extinction, and sending nuclear warheads mounted on ICBMs to destroy American and European cities, he is fulfilling the will of Allah, and so will personally spend eternity in the Muslim Heaven ( a sort of luxury country hotel-brothel). There’s no negotiating with people who “think” like that. Their nuclear facilities should be bombed. Now.