The theatre 10

… where an act of religion was performed.


Inside the Bataclan Theatre in Paris after the attack by Muslim murderers on November 13, 2015

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  • liz

    I try to imagine what I’d be feeling right now if I were one of those “moderate”, “peaceful” Muslims there are (supposed to be) so many of, looking on this tragic, horrifying scene, and knowing that it was inspired by my religion.
    I would imagine that they would be utterly disgusted with that religion, and denounce it vehemently, on the spot, rather than work themselves into pretzels mentally, trying to make pathetic excuses for it.
    But that is what they do. Which makes them pathetic, sorry, spineless excuses for human beings. But that’s exactly the kind of citizens our government wants nowadays.

    • Frank

      In their minds the terrorists are not Muslims. They have convinced themselves that Islam is a peaceful religion and they will not even consider any evidence that goes against that preconceived notion. The “No True Scotsman” fallacy is their favorite. It’s the same one Christians use when it is pointed out that members of the Westboro Baptists and the KKK are Christians. In addition to worshipping the same god Christians and Muslims have another thing in common – they both don’t read their “holy” books.

      If you want to learn more about the history of Islam and it’s founder I recommend this site.

      • Frank – I think you meant “In their own minds the Muslims are not terrorists” … ?

        • Frank

          I should proof read before I post. What I am trying to say is most Muslims refuse to admit that the terrorists are followers of Islam. They use the fallacy of “no true Muslim” would commit such atrocities. Or they will say the terrorists may be Muslims but their actions are motivated by economic or political causes. But in any case the overwhelming majority of Muslims will deny that Islam is in any way responsible for the terrorists actions.

          • The important point is that the Muslim terrorists believe they are obeying the will of Allah. I have no way of knowing what most Muslims think. A very few (ex-?) Muslims speak out publicly against terrorism and even against sharia law. The Muslim organizations we all know – such as CAIR – are reliably reported to be supporters of Islamic terrorist organizations. As for the rest – who knows? Sometimes polls are taken – with rather scary results – but as Muslims practice taqqiya, one cannot know if they are telling the truth about what they think one way or the other. The fact remains that the Koran preaches violence against non-Muslims. The history of Islam is a history of violence. Sharia law is hideously violent. Their traditional values are entirely different from the values of the enlightened West. Islam is wholly incompatible with Western values and law.

            • liz

              Yes, you might as well bring primitive Amazonian headhunters here and expect them to adapt to life in the big city, as to expect sharia loving Muslims to appreciate or even understand freedom or any other enlightened value this country is founded on.

            • Frank

              But primitive Amazonian headhunters might actually make an effort to assimilate while the vast majority of Muslims will not.

            • liz

              Right, which makes a Muslim an even worse choice than someone barely evolved from sub-human.

            • Frank

              You summed it all up in one sentence.
              Islam is wholly incompatible with Western values and law.

            • Duke of Hazzard

              “Radical” muslims terrorize, kill, and behead. “Moderate” muslims dance in the street and celebrate the radicals.