Behold our Enemy 6

12 Year old boy beheads man.

This is one of the last frames of a video showing a 12 year old Taliban boy beheading an alleged spy. The fact that beheadings are carried out is sickening enough, but to brainwash a child to carry out such an act and actually enjoy it is mind-blowing.

This video is a reminder that we cannot apply the conventional rules of war to Islam. You cannot apply the Geneva convention to people who believe that when they die they go to Paradise and get 72 virgins, to people who willingly fire from mosques and hospitals, and as shown in the video teach their young to murder and kidnap.

And yet, in the West, we become outraged when a Muslim who was caught trying to kill those protecting our cherished freedoms is dressed up in women’s underwear or is blindfolded when he is captured on the battlefield. We tie the hands of our men and women in uniform behind their backs by making them think twice about pulling the trigger in case of court martial. If only the blind fools running the mainstream media could see the horrors that the followers of Islam carry out every day.

And so, with that, I offer to you the entire uncensored video, so you can see for yourself what these vile people do on a daily basis to those who do not agree with their ideology.

Needless to say, the video is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING. So please, if you do not wish to see such things, even though they are the truth, then proceed no further.

Once again, the video is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. There are also pornographic pictures on the page, however if you do not have the stomach for pornography then you certainly don’t have the stomach for this.

For those who have been warned and have braced themselves for the worst, the video can be found here.

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