Obama says it Wright 365

The day before Obama made his self-exonerating speech, so smoothly, equating his sometimes racially prejudiced granny with the hideous race hatred expressed by Pastor Jeremiah Wright to the hurray-chorus of ‘the black community’, he was reported by Fox News as saying that the next morning he would make a ‘more fulsome’ speech about Jeremiah Wright and so on.

‘Fulsome’ means gushing, cloying, overdone.  And if he meant it, he was true to his promise.  He sure made a gushing, cloying, overdone speech.

Only he didn’t mean that, did he?  He meant a ‘fuller’ speech.

President Bush has been subjected to much mockery by the Left for his mistakes with words.

Come let us be fair now and mock Obama for the same thing.

Posted under Articles by Jillian Becker on Thursday, May 8, 2008

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