Neuroscience proves God? 171

In an article in Townhall (May 21, 2008), Chuck Colson asserts that recent research into phenomena such as religious experience  corroborates the "biblical idea" that we are "hard-wired" (!) for spirituality and God.

So it is human nature to believe in God, just as it is human nature to walk upright on two legs, to speak, and to use tools (my examples).

But if this is the case, how does he account for the untold millions of us who do not believe in God (but do walk  upright,  speak, and use tools)?

In defence of Christianity as the one true religion he goes on to deny that the hard-wiring is so general that only a vague spiritual mysticism is implied by the research, not particular doctrines.  He demonstrates this by  saying that Buddhist claims (for instance) of reincarnation cannot be substantiated. Presumably he means substantiated by reason.

Can virgin birth and resurrection in the flesh be substantiated by reason?

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