The cocky ignorance of Obama 107

 Read Thomas Sowell on this theme here.

Judging by the letter which Sowell quotes, and statements that the presidential candidate has made in his speeches, one gathers that Obama thinks soldiers should never have to come up against any unpleasantness like fighting and killing and being shot at. If they do, they should have instant access to that left-wing panacea, ‘counseling’. 

We have commented earlier on his statement that an uncle of his was among the troops who liberated Auschwitz. Apparently he meant some other death camp. But in any case it wasn’t what happened in it that he was concerned about. He seemed to think what was really bad about the Nazi concentration camps was that American soldiers, after suffering the trauma of seeing what went on in them, never got counseling to deal with such a shock. 

(By the way, I have known counsellors who received just two days of training – one weekend – before being sicked upon some hapless ‘clients’.)   

The US military under a Commander-in-Chief of the Obama stamp would probably be reduced to a social service abroad, distributing goodie-bags to the Third World and entertaining our enemies. Troupes rather than troops.    

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