Muslim persecution of Christians 312

 David Horowitz’s Freedom Center has just published a short book on this subject by Robert Spencer, the dependable expert on Islam.

It can be found at Front Page Magazine and needs to be read. This is from the introductory pages: 

Fearful of offending Muslim sensibilities, the

international community has averted its gaze

[from the massacre of Christians in Indonesia],

allowing the persecution to take place in the darkness. Nowhere else is

religious bigotry legitimated by holy writ, in this case the

Quran, or by a significant number of religious leaders, in this

case imams. Nowhere else does religious bigotry have such

bloody consequences. Nowhere else does such religious

bigotry take place almost entirely without comment, let

alone condemnation, from the human rights community.

Christian persecution by Muslims has become a familiar

narrative, repeated with terrifying frequency in Muslim

controlled areas throughout the world …


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