Rewarding Iran – for what? 74

 That Israel should unnecessarily capitulate to Hizbullah is  distressing enough, but that America should capitulate to Iran is not only distressing, it is immensely dangerous.

Yet that apparently is what ‘s happening. The US is reopening diplomatic relations with the Iranians. If the State Department has excelled itself in wanting to act even more against American interests than usual, why has President Bush let it do so? Or was it his own idea?    

His Middle East policy was reduced to tatters when he and Rice did all they could to sell Israel out to Abbas the Terrorist.

Then he went on his knees to Saudi Arabia for more oil. 

Now he’s crawling to Ahmadinejad.

Speak up, John McCain! Say  you are disgusted! Promise to use America’s might on the side of right!

Posted under Commentary by Jillian Becker on Thursday, July 17, 2008

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