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 A letter we wholeheartedly endorse:

A letter to the editors of, from LGF reader Ross Kennedy:



While I typically appreciate the trenchant analysis offered by some of your authors and contributors, I will not stand for Pat Buchanan accusing Israel and their “Fifth Column” of “seek[ing] to stampede us into war with Iran.” This kind conspiracy-mongering is increasingly typical for Mr. Buchanan, and is below the standard set for Townhall by its otherwise high reputation. Please, for the sake of rational conservatives everywhere, repudiate Mr. Buchanan. Further, please remove him from your roll of contributors, until he can see his way to reason and dignity.

Israel is a staunch U.S. ally, and is both spiritual and philosophical kin to the United States. They are one of the last bulwarks against tyranny and oppression in the Middle East, and as such deserve the unflinching support of this country’s political class. It is a crass, demeaning thing to denigrate the nation of Israel as seeking war with its neighbor states. Israel has long been under persecution by those who view themselves as existential enemies of the Jewish faith, and this situation will not change. Iran, along with their proxy terrorists (Hizbullah, Hamas, Iran Revolutionary Guard, etc.) has constantly advocated for the destruction of Israel and the murder of the Jewish people.

Mr. Buchanan, in attempting to paint the Israelis as nothing but bullies, has indeed shown himself to be an anti-Israel bigot. Politics and religion is inextricably woven together in that part of the world, and to denigrate Israel as warmongers is to paint the Jewish people of that country as villainous dogs. Like the Palestinians, the Israelis claim their land as their spiritual birthright; the tension between the two parties will never vanish, so we in the United States must choose sides. We have chosen Israel, for many sound reasons.

Mr. Buchanan owes a long and serious apology for castigating our staunchest ally, and Townhall should issue a retraction and purge their content of this specious garbage.

Ross Kennedy

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