Islam is not reformable 111

 Anne Applebaum, writing in the Washington Post, just doesn’t seem to get it.

She says: 

In fact, any child who attends Saudi schools until ninth grade will eventually be taught outright that "Jews and Christians are enemies of believers." They will also be taught that Jews conspire to "gain sole control over the world," that the Christian crusades never ended, and that on Judgment Day "the rocks or the trees" will call out to Muslims to kill Jews.

These passages, it should be noted, are from new, "revised" Saudi textbooks, designed to be less harsh on the infidels. 

But the passages she is referring to are not just bad lessons in textbooks, they are either directly (Jews and Christians being enemies of believers, and the ‘rocks and trees’ bit), or indirectly by interpretation, derived from the Koran itself.  She urges Muslims to change the lessons taught in their schools without apparently understanding that she is urging Muslims to change their religion.

If only 1.2 billion Muslims (or 1.4 – accounts vary) could be persuaded to change their religion! But Islam is not going to be reasoned or nudged out of existence. The one thing we can and should do is inform ourselves about it, read the Koran, be guided by reliable exponents and commentators (such as Robert Spencer and Andrew Bostom) and talk about it as it really is.  

As James Miller writes in Islam Watch (quoted in The Religion of Peace today): ’The Koran is a harsh, cruel, uncompassionate book and Islam is its product.’ Read his whole article here.




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