Using the middle-class 111

 From an editorial in Investor’s Business Daily:

Why does Obama pay homage to the middle class now? Presidential votes. He’s using the middle class as a means to an end — the end being the power to enact his radical agenda. In this, he’s following his hero Saul "The Red" Alinsky’s playbook.

Alinsky, the socialist street agitator who wrote "Rules for Radicals," detested the bourgeois "materialism" of the American middle class. But he advised his student radicals to court the middle class, even radicalize them when possible in favor of the cause.

Don’t be like 1960s revolutionaries who made fun of the bourgeoisie, he warned. Learn the language of the middle class; share their experience. "Start them easy," he said. "Don’t scare them off."

Alinsky revolutionaries don’t flaunt their radicalism. They keep their hair trimmed and wear suits and ties. They’re never outwardly rude. They don’t use vulgar language in public. They show respect for authorities. Some even have mortgages and families.

But don’t be fooled. Obama is an elitist who skipped the middle class and went straight to his Georgian mansion. He doesn’t share your values, but he wants you to share your earnings to pay for his radical social experiment.

As McCain accurately argued during the debate, Obama this March voted for a Senate measure raising taxes on workers making $42,000 a year. So who’s really on the side of the middle class?


Posted under Commentary by Jillian Becker on Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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