Felons’ votes wanted, soldiers’ votes not wanted 200

Isn’t it interesting – and telling – that convicted felons are expected to vote Democratic, while those serving in the armed forces are expected to vote Republican? 

 From Stop the ACLU website:

This year’s election mischief is not limited to the fraud perpetrated  by Obama’s old ACORN friends. Swing state Virginia has been finding lame excuses to toss out military ballots, even as it allows nonresident college students to vote thereThe military votes are getting tossed in plush Fairfax County, where supervisor Gerry Connolly is running for Congress as a liberal Democrat. I wonder why he would want to disenfranchise our troops.As if to replace the military voters who will not be allowed a say in the election, bureaucrats have visited Fairfax County jail to encourage criminals to vote.

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