Who’s really funding Obama? 97

 It seems more than probable that Obama has one or more foreign sources of funding which have been contributing hundreds of millions by fraudulent means, disguising the contributions as small donations from millions of apparently individual sources. This is how it’s done.

It’s pretty easy — all you need is a credit card (foreign card is OK), a phony name, phony US address, phony telephone number, and just keep each contribution less than $200 so your illegal contribution never needs to be reported.  As a foreigner you can even give more than Americans are allowed to legally contribute, by just using a different phony name each time you contribute, so that your contributions are never tallied, thus never exceed the limit.

And of course American supporters of Obama can also contribute more than the legal limit by following the same procedure.

Not to mention the fact that you can easily steal someone else’s credit card number and contribute through it, not needing the correct name etc. (yes it has happened), and just hope the victim doesn’t notice it. 

Last Friday I read on various web sites (e.g. NRO) that the Obama campaign was facilitating illegal credit card contributions by disabling standard security verification procedures. Normally, a credit card payment is rejected if the name you give does not match the name on the card. Duh. Not so the Obama campaign. I said to myself, "If Americans can do this, I wonder if foreigners could too?" I’m a US citizen, but I have lived in South Africa for the last ten years and have a foreign credit card, from a South African bank. So I googled the Obama campaign web site and used my foreign credit card to contribute $5 (the minimum accepted) to his campaign. Sure enough, my account was charged $5 (54 Rand) on Monday. I assume that if I could do it, all those French who want Obama to be president could do it too.

Money translates into votes, because propaganda is effective, including obvious lies which are endlessly repeated.

Here, then, are the step by step instructions for fraudulently contributing to the Obama campaign, and participating in the mother of all campaign swindles …

‘All those French’?  What about Colonel Qaddafi of Libya, who has admitted contributing to Obama’s campaign? And what about other sources in the oil-rich Middle East? Obama boasts that he’ll owe nothing to ‘lobbyists’, having raised his funds from millions of small donors, but what will he owe to Qaddafi and co?    

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