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About 80% of  mandated Palestine was handed over to the Arabs by the British, in violation of the promises made in the Balfour Declaration that Palestine would be a ‘national home’ for the Jews – the grounds on which Britain was granted the mandate. That lion’s share of the territory was then named the ‘Emirate of Transjordan’.  It was kept judenrein. Later it became the Kingdom of Jordan. That is the Arab Palestinian State, apart from which there has never, in all history, been an Arab State of Palestine. 

Only in the remaining 20% were Jews allowed to buy land and live.  

This remnant of mandated Palestine became the legally constituted State of Israel in 1948,  in which Arabs live freely. From the moment of its inception to now, it has been allowed no peace by the Arabs. 

The root cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict is the refusal of the Arabs to accept Israel’s existence.

The one solution that the Western world has never tried is to pressure the Arabs into normalizing relations with Israel and integrating the Arabs who fled of their own accord during the 1948 and 1967 wars. They should do so now. 

The hundreds of thousand of Jewish refugees who were forced from Arab lands were integrated by Israel.

Israel is a liberal democratic state. The Western powers should help it to survive and flourish. 

No more Palestinian land should be handed over to the Arabs. 

All that remains apart from Jordan of the former mandate of Palestine should be a single Jewish state. Arabs who wish to live in it should do so loyally and peacefully; and those who do not wish to live in it should be assimilated by their fellow Arabs in one or another of the 22 existing Arab states.

No new Arab state should be created.  

If you agree, and if you want to do something about it, here is a video for you to watch at: 

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