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Britain’s Channel 4 invited the cruel, primitive, hate-filled, ignorant, Muslim tyrant Ahmadinejad to deliver its Christmas message.  Leo McKinstry comments in the Daily Express:


Channel 4 has long revelled in its puerile desire to shock but now it has plumbed new depths of indecency, perpetrating an act of sickening and gratuitous offen siveness.


On the most significant day in the Christian calendar it broadcast a so-called “alternative Christmas message” by Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, an Islamic fundamentalist whose regime is notorious for oppression, cruelty and anti-Semitism.


C4 has displayed utter contempt for the values of our Judaeo-Christian civilisation, treating a precious moment in our religious heritage as an opportunity for the usual anti-Western, Marxist point-scoring which passes for thinking in Left-wing circles.


In the context of issuing a Christmas broadcast it is hard to imagine a less appropriate figure than President Ahmadinejad, whose vicious theocracy has never shown the slightest inclination towards peace and goodwill. To hear him last night preaching about justice and the need to fight tyranny was nauseating in the extreme. His government has promoted a brutal form of militant Islam, persecuted women, hounded Christians, and sponsored terrorism. Despite presiding over mass poverty it has sought to build its own deadly nuclear arsenal, creating permanent tension in the Middle East.


Ahmadinejad, himself drenched in the crudest form of anti-Semitism, has called for Israel to be “wiped off the face of the earth”…  


The station has an unedifying track record of deliberately stirring up rows, particularly through the psychological freak show known as Big Brother. It has also frequently used Christmas Day as a chance to parade its disdain for the traditional values of our culture. 

Two years ago the Christmas message came from a Muslim woman trumpeting her right to wear the full veil. But the Ahmadinejad broadcast is a desperate new low. The channel has moved from mere controversy into a sneering, treacherous rejection of all that decent Britons hold dear at this time of year.

Only in the warped mindset of an ultra-trendy, oh-so-progressive TV executive would it be deemed suitable to allow one of world’s most dangerous and fanatical leaders to spout his deceitful nonsense about peace. What do C4 have lined up for next Christmas? Robert Mugabe on compassion? Kim Jong Il of North Korea on freedom and democracy?

One can imagine the excited conversations which must have taken place within C4’s management before the decision was made to invite the Iranian President. “What can we do for a real outrage this year? ­Ahmadinejad? 

The Holocaust denier, talking on the day of Jesus’s birth? Brilliant. That’ll really make a stir.” The station’s executives are like a bunch of adolescent, Left-wing students, titillated by the justifiable anger they provoke, revelling in their self-created image as daring iconoclasts who challenge the establishment.

Read the whole comment and watch the video here.

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