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This is part of a report from Israel by Ari Bussel (read the whole Canada Free Press article here):

Israel is at war simultaneously in several fronts:  Hamas in Gaza; the Home Front in the ever-expanding radius around Gaza (currently 26 miles); the Fifth Column of Israeli Arabs, now acting like the Islamists in Europe; and the world public opinion in the Public Diplomacy Front.  In all fronts, the enemies are aided and abetted by Jews and Israelis.  In all fronts – we lose.

Hamas needs to do nothing more than continue what it does now with little or no effort:

· leisurely launching up to 100 rockets a day from a well protected cache; 
· produce cartoons and other programs for children in which hatred is preached; 
· showcase pictures of body parts, people alive and seemingly dead soaking in what looks like blood, at times bodies exhumed from graves; 
· and keep bombarding the world with fallacies, accusations and allegations that are more reminiscent of a thousand and one Arabian nights.

The world is fighting unabashedly on behalf of Hamas, with fierce determination.  Israeli Arabs are holding violent demonstrations, trying to excuse the ever increasing violence as the youthful indiscretions.  Israelis – a fringe of the political left – are doing all they can to destroy Israel from within.

Early this morning I took the bus to Sderot where I spent the day.  The feeling was of a deserted city of its regular inhabitants.  Young volunteers wearing white shirts distributing presents to the residents, female soldiers from the Home Front Command distributing Israeli flags, Fire and Rescue Service personnel, police, military, numerous others – none from Sderot.

Foreign journalists came in hoards as well, one even asking with some disgust:  Are we in any imminent danger?  “No,” I replied, we came shopping for Chala-bread for Shabbat.

The picture is surreal.  On the bus to Beer Sheva, I was the one passenger who went off in Sderot.  Other than one soldier and two others, the bus was empty.  The bus station made of cement, also acts as a shelter.  You start looking at these things, the next COLOR RED siren can be announced any second.  You have exactly 15 seconds to take cover.  In the city of Ashkelon 30 seconds, in the port city of Ashdod 45 seconds, in Beer Sheva 60 seconds.  Mal functions are possible, so never take a chance – it is a life and death situation.

Interestingly, I realize in retrospect that I have seen no children in Sderot today, only adults.  The locals have lived through this hell for eight years.  We come, take a glimpse into their lives, say how horrible it must be, take some pictures and we rush to leave as soon as the purpose for which we came had been accomplished.  Many come for photo-ops, others to interview a family whose house was hit, yet others to see what is Israel doing, not so much interested in the ongoing plight of the residents but how can they twist anything they see to Hamas’s advantage.

Earlier today Hamas came out in a statement to the foreign press that Israel is preventing the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza.  Over the last few days, Israel has transferred all aid sent by international organizations.  On Monday, 23 trucks with food, medicines and medical supplies were transferred via Kerem Shalom Crossing into Gaza.  On Tueday 63 trucks and five ambulances, on Wednesday 93 trucks and the same on Thursday. There is so much aid that the receiving organizations have declined any further aid at the moment – the warehouses are over flowing.

While we had to take cover, running to the nearest shelter, Gazans are given advance warning by the IDF.  Surrealism at its best.  The IDF gives ample opportunity to vacate buildings that are about to be hit.  A telephone call from the IDF is received telling one that the building will be hit in a few minutes since there is an explosive lab or an ammunition cache or a terrorist in hiding.  Sure enough, the building is bombarded and hit.  Where else does an army warn its enemy of an incoming strike to avoid any unnecessary innocent casualties?  Where else would human beings use hospitals and mosques as operation centers, hiding places, and warehouses for explosives, ammunition and advanced weaponry?

Many Gazans are indeed involuntary participants:  They do not agree with Hamas, yet if they object they will be shot as traitors and if they cooperate they become human shields.  Hamas wins either way – human life has no consequence to it – neither the lives of its enemy nor the lives of its own people.

The situation is reminiscent of a chess player playing solitarily.  All moves must be considered.  First one needs to take care of one’s own, then one needs to take care of the enemy, since the enemy does not care about its own (unless in their death, sorrow and misery they can be made to reflect badly on Israel).

Minister Avi Dichter stated: “All countries should open their eyes and see very carefully what is really happening.  If Israel will not block Hamas and Hizbollah who serve the interests of Iran, they will face a very tough problem in the years ahead.” He added, “Israel knows very well how to go forward with both air strikes and ground operations.”

Minister Dichter’s statement is not much different than Senator McCain’s:  Israel is the canary in the coal mine.

We went on a “hill” overlooking the area.  We saw the power plant in Ashkelon supplying some of the electricity to Gaza, a constant target of the racketeers (rocket-eers); the area that used to be green houses employing Arabs and exporting fruits, vegetables and flowers from the desert, now terrorist training camps and launching areas to rockets; a black and white kitten eating oblivious to anything happening around it; protection structures built around public schools now empty; houses which were once occupied and are now a mere shadow of yesteryears; and an inner strength of those of suffered for eight years but stayed and the urge to run away by those of us who only came to spend a few hours.

When one says “no sane country would have allowed it unto its citizens,” one must wonder how to make the world understand that Israel’s Operation Cast Lead is justified, is the only resort it was given, and must be continued to its conclusion. 

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