Shocked by the B(ig) B(ewildering) C(hange) 4

 A huge row, involving the government and inspiring public protests, has broken out in Britain over the BBC’s refusal to broadcast an appeal for aid to Gaza. The reason the corporation has given is that to do so would damage its reputation for impartiality.   

This is amazing! Staggering!! Incredible!!! 

The BBC has not had a reputation for impartiality for decades. Quite the contrary. It has been blatantly and consistently pro-left, anti-conservative, anti-Israel, anti-America, and above all pro-Muslim.

Melanie Phillips comments:

The BBC surely bears a far broader responsibility [than the government] for this row. In particular, its claim that it was anxious to safeguard its reputation for impartiality will have caused a sharp intake of breath among the many who think it no longer has a reputation of impartiality to defend.

One of the great ironies of this situation, after all, is that most people in Britain have no idea about claims that Hamas has apparently been stealing the aid supplies and blowing up the crossing points – because the BBC’s reporters haven’t told them. 

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