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 American Thinker comments:

Could someone please pinch the US officials who attended the Gaza Reconstruction Conference?

Daniel Pipes
 quotes U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk (Republican of Illinois): "To route $900 million to this area, and let’s say Hamas was only able to steal 10 percent of that, we would still become Hamas’ second-largest funder after Iran."

In other words, the Grad rockets that will fall on my head in Be’er Sheva when next time Hamas attacks Israeli civilians will have come from the taxes paid by my fellow compatriots.  Is this what Americans want?  Is this what America stands for?      

The few questions about the donors’ conference in Gaza that I would like to ask are not what this will do to us in Israel, but what it has already done to American officials, to the US itself, and to our whole civilization. What Mark Kirk said is just logical, yet the people in the Administration who came with this plan do not seem to realize how absurd what they are doing is. How can it be?

How can it be that the US Administration is giving millions to a genocidal organization whoseArticle 7 of the Hamas Charter reads "O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him’?

At what point did US officials start behaving like Soviet ones – saying things that they and everyone else, know are lies and yet they continue to do so?  How on Earth can these officials reconcile it with their own conscience?  But even assuming that they find a rationale, do they really believe that helping Hamas attack Israel is in the US interest? 

At what point have these officials stopped been challenged by the press?  Will anyone of the reporters ask Secretary of State Hillary Clinton how can she reconcile her beliefs with giving money to an organization so it can deliberately target civilians in Israeli cities?    

Where is the uproar? Where are the protests?

At what point has America changed?

Can someone please pinch these officials and remind them what the US used to stand for?

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