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 We receive this praise with pride:

Gov. Palin Gets Praise From Unusual Quarter

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has earned some praise from an unlikely quarter – a blog called The Atheist Conservative.

In a post titled "Who will defend us?", Jillian Becker contrasts the governor’s recent statement stressing the need for the U.S. to have a robust missile defense with what we’ve been hearing from the Obama Administration through Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, a message of weakness spoken softly without a big stick to back it up.

Ms. Becker’s conclusion:

Plainly, America and the world would be safer if Palin were president and not Obama.

Now there’s something that conservative atheists and conservatives of faith can agree on! How refreshing to hear such from a non-believer. Atheists of the Left, it seems, can only mock Gov. Palin for her religious beliefs, while those on the Right are more interested in such critical issues as the defense of our nation.

Hats off to The Atheist Conservative for recognizing that conservatives of all stripes share much more common ground than the narrow strips with fences which stand between us.

– JP

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