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Today Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, whose business it is to defend Israel from its genocidal Arab and Iranian enemies,  and President Obama, whose sympathies are with the Arabs and who is reluctant to take any efficient measures to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons and using them to destroy Israel, are clashing with each other in a polite fashion and will try to find some points of agreement and compromise to bamboozle the American public into believing that Obama has a workable plan to pacify the Middle East, and that Israel may still depend on the US for support in a world that mostly wants it wiped off the map.

While we await the statement that will confirm this prediction of ours, we offer this extract from a Melanie Phillips article in the Spectator  to show how little chance there is of any real agreement between Netanyahu and Obama. She demonstrates that the Middle East policy of Britain is concocted from the same delusions as Obama’s. 

‘Palestinian statelessness is the biggest recruiting sergeant for Islamic extremism around the world,’ said (British Foreign Secretary) Mr Miliband.

Ah yes – Palestinian statelessness was obviously uppermost in the minds of the Islamists who blew up Mumbai; it was obviously the reason they bombed Spain to help along the restoration of the caliphate and tried to do the same to France, that legendary ally of Israel; it’s obviously the driving passion of the Chechen Islamist separatists; it’s obviously the rallying cry of the Islamists in Indonesia who intend to Islamise southern Asia; it’s obviously the reason Islamists are persecuting, murdering and driving out Christians across the Third World from Sudan and Nigeria to Bethlehem and Gaza.

For various reasons, however, this idiotic but deeply ideological analysis is now accepted by many non-ideological folk as axiomatic. They are all fixated by the delusion that a Palestine state is the key to peace between Israel and the Arabs. It is not. The briefest knowledge of history tells us that it is not – for the simple reason that it has been on offer repeatedly for seven (some would say nine) decades, with the Jews in agreement – indeed, with the Israelis in recent years offering the Palestinians more than 90 per cent of the disputed territories — and yet the only response from the Arabs has been war.

The requirement by the Arab side is not for a Palestine state. It is for the end of the Jewish state. It is not just Hamas that declares this over and over again. It is also the supposedly ‘moderate’ Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah, who say repeatedly that they will never accept Israel as a Jewish state. Yet these facts are simply ignored as if they don’t exist…

What is even more remarkable is that these twin icons of progressive politics, Obama and Miliband, are actually pushing the cause of racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing. For the proposed Palestine state is to have not one Jew living inside its borders. So Obama and Miliband say the cause of peace and justice in the Middle East can only be served by the creation of a racist, exclusionary state — while beating up on Israel, which actually gives full civil rights to its Arab and Muslim citizens.

The key to the ending of the war between the Arabs and Israel is that the Arabs and the wider Muslim world have to grasp that it is in their interests to accept Israel’s existence as a Jewish state, legitimised as such under international law, and to abandon for ever their attempt to remove it from the map… 

But instead, the message the Arab and Muslim world is currently getting from America and Britain – with their overtures to Iran and creeping recognition of Hamas — is that its violence and aggression have paid off and that the great prizes, not merely of Israel’s destruction but also the defeat of the free world, are now within reach. Having accepted the Arab and Muslim narrative on Israel/Palestine, and having decided that appeasement is the only way forward, Obama and Miliband are making the strongest effort since Carter to pressurise Israel to become the propitiatory sacrifice to the enemies of civilisation. And … Israel is to be blamed if it refuses to play the role.

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