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Gary Aldrich, a former law enforcement officer, writes at Townhall about the arrest of Professor Gates of Harvard, and how he and President Obama chose to make a racist incident out of it:  

Obama and his administration have already maligned the military by suggesting that returning veterans may be closet terrorists. Now the president himself makes numerous unfortunate statements that suggest behind every police badge may hide the evil soul of a racist. He says and I quote, “you know, race remains a factor in this society.”

I assure you, sir, the race factor may remain in your heart – but not in mine. And, not in the hearts of the thousands of police officers who protect all citizens regardless of race, gender, or any other difference, even if you and your college professor friend choose to believe otherwise.

Frankly I find your position on race matters to be disappointing, repugnant, and threatening to the health of our culture which is, by its very nature, both generous and diverse. I think the millions of black families who have their homes and persons protected by the police every night and day of the week would disagree with your ugly characterization of all police officers.

What we are witness to here is the amazing spectacle of a black man elected to the highest office in our land, continuing the claim that America is a nation plagued with racism. Surely only the most gullible would continue to believe race baiting claptrap like that. The fact is, the professor’s hatred for “Whitey” overwhelmed his judgment and he lost his temper – and that is all that has happened here.

That is, until the president decided to weigh in. When he did, he revealed his heart on the matter of race and it’s sad to find out where he really stands on race relations. It appears that he will not be an agent of change, and that is a real shame.

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