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Is this the lowest any president of the United States has ever sunk?  Obama is revealing himself to be even more base than Jimmy Carter! 

He’s sending in union heavies to use violence against citizens peacefully protesting against his health care swindle and other measures that will turn America into a vast socialist misery. The protestors are dubbed a ‘mob’ by the vicious lefties in power. By sending in their thugs they hope to make it seem that the protestors themselves are violent. 

From Power Line:

The Obama administration unveiled its strategy for dealing with the eruption of populist protest against the health care cramdown to Democratic Senators yesterday: It will punch back twice as hard. What does that mean? During the campaign, Obama invoked Jim Malone’s lecture to Elliot Ness in The Untouchables: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said at a fundraiser in Philadelphia. Obama omitted Malone’s gloss on the lesson: “That’s the Chicago way.”…

The mainstream media will dutifully report the emergence of Obama’s thugs as representing a lapse in civility on the part of those who are revolting against Obamacare. The truth is that it represents the imposition of “the Chicago way” on the resistance.

Follow the link to the article to view a shocking video of the Democrats’ organized mob on the attack.

And see the whole article from which this is taken in Investor’s Business Daily:

The president is familiar with the Alinsky way, the Chicago way, of organizing a group to act. Obama spent years prodding underprivileged Chicagoans to channel their political anger by orchestrating activist mob scenes designed to coerce businesses and public officials. A 2007 profile in the left-leaning New Republic was titled “The Agitator.” He’s still at it.

The community organizer is trying to organize America in his image, but the American people are more than scared bankers and groveling politicians. They are the descendants of the original tea partiers who threw the teas in Boston Harbor. That Tea Party protested taxation without representation. Their descendants are protesting the taxation they are getting with it.

Obama cut his political teeth as a community organizer with Acorn, the group that buses people all wearing the same red shirts and all carrying the same union-printed signs to the homes of AIG executives and their families and anyone else they want to intimidate. Brown shirts would be more appropriate.

The modern-day tea partiers and those opposing government-run health care carry kids on their shoulders and wave signs they’ve hand-painted on their living room floors to protest the mortgaging of their future and the bankrupting of their country. According to the Democrats, these people are dangerous and need to be watched… 

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