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Even Obama fans and shills do not think he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Debased as it has been by being bestowed on the likes of Yassir Arafat and Jimmy Carter, even this prize being awarded to someone who has accomplished nothing can only be a bad joke.

One Obama fan, writing for the Guardian with typical pettiness and ill-nature, consoles himself for his embarrassment at the award with a little Schadenfreude:

But there is one lovely, delicious, delectable thing about the whole business: it will drive the American right wing up the wall.

Unfortunately for him, far from being ‘driven up the wall’, the right is laughing fit to bust (see our post below A win-win-win situation).

From one blogger who says he likes Barack Obama comes a serious comment worth reading. If there were a respectable Peace Prize to be awarded it ought to go to someone who deserves it. He nominates – and we agree with him:

Morgan Tsvangirai- who didn’t have the benefit of an expensive Harvard education, millionaire backers, and a holiday sanctuary in Hawaii, was overlooked. For a decade Tsvangirai stared down a military-backed tyrant who banned newspapers, murdered opponents, used famine as a political weapon and brought the country – a rapidly failing state – to the eve of civil war. And yet, through skillful statesmanship he managed to hold it together, avert a bloody war and bring the country slowly back from the brink.

But then, he didn’t have the difficult task of fighting an uphill battle against nasty Fox News pundits and vindictive Madison Avenue opinion-shapers to get to where he was.

Catching breath and pausing the guffaws to sound one serious note: the award is the extremest manifestation yet of Obama Derangement Syndrome, the worship of that ineffectual egomaniac. (See our post of that title, July 12, 2009.)

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