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To comment further on the post below, What Obama was really doing in Chicago, the almost unbelievable conclusion to be drawn is that a majority of Americans freely voted  a radical Communist revolutionary into the highest office in the land, making him the single most powerful man in the world.

If many of them did so unknowingly, those whose duty it was to inform them failed to do so, either because they did not care to find out the truth about him , or because they knew it and deliberately concealed it.

When it is fully understood who he is and what he is about, all that he is doing fits into place: the impoverishing stimulus, health, and cap-and-trade  bills – all designed to expand government power and reduce the people to dependency on government – make perfect sense.

A foreign policy that turns America away from old allies and towards Communist regimes and other despotisms, makes sense.

But do millions of Americans seriously want to live under Communist totalitarianism?

Do even a few want to? Reporters and journalists, perhaps?

Even that is hard to believe.

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