Christians murdered by Muslims 14

From The Religion of Peace:

2010.03.07 (Dogo Nahauwa, Nigeria) – Over five-hundred Christians, mostly women and children, are hacked to death by Muslim raiders with machetes in a night-time attack on their village. The killers yelled ‘Allah Akbar,’ as they chopped.

AP reports:

Most of the bodies appeared to be women and children killed by blows from machetes… The dead lined the streets of Dogo Nahawa, a village about three miles (five kilometers) south of the city of Jos.

Witnesses said the violence began in the mostly Christian village at about 3 a.m. Sunday — an hour when the area should have been under curfew and guarded by the military. Jos has remained under a curfew since violence in January left more than 300 people dead — the majority of them Muslims. …

Sectarian violence in this region of Nigeria has left thousands dead over the past decade.

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