When the biter’s bit 135

On the same day that Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey used terrorists  – aka “activists” – to provoke a confrontation with the Israeli navy, by sending them to defy Israel’s legitimate blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza, so that 9 of them were killed by the Israeli Defense Force, Kurdish terrorists struck against the Turkish military, killing 12. Erdogan sent the Turkish air force to punish Kurds indiscriminately in Iraq, killing 120 of them, including a child.

The “democratic” government of Iraq made no objection. Neither did the (disgusting) UN nor the Obama administration – still the protecting power of Iraq – although the Kurds have proved themselves staunch US allies.

There have been no calls for an international inquiry, as into the killing of the 9 Turkish terrorists.

Here’s a report with some background information:

On the same day as the flotilla raid, Kurdish rebels attacked a Turkish naval base, killing 12 soldiers. Last week, Erdogan’s government responded with air strikes on Kurdish positions in northern Iraq that killed 120 people, including a 7-year-old girl.

There were no condemnations of Turkey for using “disproportionate” force, and no UN Security Council meetings regarding the latest flare-up of a 26-year conflict that has claimed the lives of more than 40,000 people.

Some 30 million Kurds live in adjoining portions of Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. [They are] a distinct ethnic group without a country of their own.

For decades, Turkey has oppressed its Kurdish minority of 14 million people by forbidding the use of the Kurdish language and other symbols of national identity in state schools and government institutions. A Kurdish parliamentarian, Layla Zana, was expelled from parliament in 1994 and imprisoned a year later for daring to utter a single sentence in Kurdish from the podium.